Closing doors on Freshman year.

  Pats on the back. “See you in a few months!” A grunt from picking up the last heavy bags. The click of the door as it closes. Car engines turning over. These are the sounds of goodbye. I’ve watched almost all of my friends leave at this point; the last contingent left on Sunday [...]

What’s your story?

March washes away and with its departure, finally, evaporates the familiar chill of a frosted morning. Spring has been slow in coming to Greenville, SC. It’s just warm enough outside to tease our campus into showing some skin during the day; then, the sun sets and the discomfort begins. Spirits, previously flagging, are beginning to [...]


“Choice–not chance–determines your destiny”-Aristotle Everyone else is in school and I’m curled up in a beanbag chair in Palm Springs, California. No, I’m not skipping class for an expensive excursion to the west coast. Rather, I find myself at TEDActive, the satellite simulcast of TED2013 taking place this week. Already we’ve spent five hours listening [...]

Busy bee.

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”-John Lennon My favorite Beatle had it spot on in his 1980 song, Beautiful Boy. I’m still puzzled by the American obsession with being busy. We’re supposed to be the country of hard work, yes, but I increasingly find busy is a buzzword. Does work [...]

A February fellow.

Video of the week (Badman!): Someone once told me I’m a very February fellow. I’m still trying to figure out what it means. February is an OK month, I guess. In it we find the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and the hope of a long spring. And therein lies the problem. February is a [...]


Everyone hits an invisible ‘wall’ at some point when they’re overextended and unsustainably expending large amounts of energy in the pursuit of, well, what exactly? Always these walls are tough to overcome, sometimes they are frequent, but never, I feel, are they insurmountable. When is the next one coming? If you ever want to stress [...]

Slow down!

Hold it. We’ve been on campus for 5 full days. It feels like it’s been at least a year already and the toughest part has yet to start. I always silently made fun of those people that claimed they were ‘drowning in work’ and ‘in over their head.’ We all know someone like this. To [...]

Hello, 2013.

Greetings from Telluride, Colorado! This is the third of three stops along a travel-filled holiday break. The first trip I took to Washington DC to pick up my best friend from his home at American University. We made a holiday visit to a big white house (I’m told it’s an important place–still researching) courtesy of [...]

‘Tis the season.

Video of the week (it’s been on replay for days!): While the rest of campus is scribbling away on papers and toiling over exams I’ve managed to escape to Brevard for the day with my friend, Will. I’ve been wanting to make this trip for a while but things finally came together today. I [...]


Dank (adj.): disagreeably damp, musty, and typically cold. In a literal sense, Thanksgiving has been none of these things. As defined by one Urban Dictionary entry, however, (Dank: an adjective describing something as positive or awesome), dank couldn’t describe this Thanksgiving any finer. While it’s true the food has been awesome, it’s the time to [...]