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I am a communications major, so I am permanently linked to all emails sent within my department. Anything interesting and comm related comes my way. I hear about CLPs (Cultural Life Program). I hear about internship opportunities from Furman alumni. I hear about classes being offered. I hear about how to best get into specific […]

The Royal Inauguration

President Davis had her Inauguration ceremony this past Thursday, and being present at the event made me feel like royalty. The weather was gloomy, and we all sloshed through puddles and dodged the buckets of water dumping out of the sky to get to the ceremony. With this atmosphere, I deemed the catchphrase of the […]

Just For Fun: Music Lessons at Furman

Greetings Blog Viewers, As a junior, I guess I am on a kick to take advantage of all of the opportunities at Furman and in the Greenville area. So, here’s another bucket list item I am checking off and would encourage each of you to consider as well. -Take music lessons- For FREE- well I’m […]

The Weather

I understand that weather is one of those topics which people discuss when they have nothing else to say. I have things to say, but I also just really want to mention the weather. The weather has been stellar recently, and it has led to fun outdoor activities. Some of my favorite memories at Furman […]

About Me

Life back at Furman is the usual hustle and bustle. I have classes during the day, random babysitting jobs in the afternoons, meetings at nights, and a whole semester’s worth of adventures to share and life on which we all need to catch up. The lake still esteems itself as a gleaming reflection of bell […]