Au Revoir

I’m not quite ready to turn that page to the next chapter of my college career. This year is over, and it went by so fast. Finals are over, graduation is over…I am a sophomore. As I watched Gilmore Girls on TV the other day, I reminisced as Rory, the main character, moved in for [...]


I have been asked what advice I would give myself again if I could redo Freshmen year, so take it or leave it, but here are my wise words of wisdom. Here’s a shout out for this question from a new Paladin! Freshmen coming into Furman have a very limited, if any, friend base when [...]

The Little Things

I am pleased to announce that I have broken out the Chacos and shorts again. This is my kind of weather-75 and sunny. Running is much more pleasant, I tend to take random walks more often now, and I feel like icecream is always appropriate when it is beautiful outside. These are all great things. This past weekend was [...]

Hall Staff

I am officially going to be a member of hall staff next year, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I get to live and work together with one of my best friends, Christy. Also though, I get to be a part of this new college experience with lots and lots of freshmen. It is [...]

An Experience

It’s the friends who see you wearing pajamas and your retainers- but they go with you on late night bagel adventures anyways. It’s the recurring stomach ache- but it is only because you have laughed yourself to tears with friends. It’s the exciting news you receive and want to tell someone- but that person is [...]

Snail Mail

Mail. Everyone loves it. Most people like it best in the form of a friendly letter, birthday invitation, care package, or any other uplifting message. Phone bills, taxes, or fliers don’t count as mail as far as I am concerned. Furman mail is the same as real world mail, so this description will be brief. [...]


Several times recently I have been asked  the question “What is one thing that has surprised you the most since attending Furman?” I believe I responded with-the opportunities and the people. That was somewhat of a spontaneous response  (the first thing that popped into my head,) but I do like that response. College in general [...]


To all of the prospective students: Senior year is probably dragging along one day at a time as you decide on a college and send in those last applications and acceptances. Enjoy the time you have now though. Do it. Appreciate the high school experience. I feel like I was just there applying and deciding [...]

Stepping Out

I have gotten very caught up in Furman life. I go to Furman classes. I am part of Furman clubs. I have Furman friends. I honestly have very little need to leave this Furman bubble. Recently though, I have thought a lot about the “other” life I had in high school. Not everything I did [...]


Last semester two of my classes (Public Speaking and Auto ethnography) were writing based, so we didn’t really have tests because we wrote a lot of papers. My other two classes (French and Math) had a lot of tests and quizzes because everything was cumulative. This semester, I will admit, I am really worried because [...]