Just For Fun: Music Lessons at Furman

Greetings Blog Viewers, As a junior, I guess I am on a kick to take advantage of all of the opportunities at Furman and in the Greenville area. So, here’s another bucket list item I am checking off and would encourage each of you to consider as well. -Take music lessons- For FREE- well I’m […]

The Weather

I understand that weather is one of those topics which people discuss when they have nothing else to say. I have things to say, but I also just really want to mention the weather. The weather has been stellar recently, and it has led to fun outdoor activities. Some of my favorite memories at Furman […]

About Me

Life back at Furman is the usual hustle and bustle. I have classes during the day, random babysitting jobs in the afternoons, meetings at nights, and a whole semester’s worth of adventures to share and life on which we all need to catch up. The lake still esteems itself as a gleaming reflection of bell […]