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Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece

Agakidou is a junior majoring in Chemistry. She has been conducting research in Dr. Paul Wagenknecht’s lab since summer ’15 and she published her first research paper in the Organometallics Journal in August. On a daily basis, you will find her giving admission tours, putting on events with the Furman Creative Collaborative, or hanging out in the Trone Student Center studying, laughing, and being loud. She loves watching videos on YouTube, laughing, singing in other people’s cars, eating, and making friends. Oh, and she is proudly the only person on campus who can claim to be Greek but not “Greek.”

A guide to enjoying 4-day weekends #senior

Intro to your last college semester should be a class, where you learn how to modify your class schedule throughout your 4 years in college so that your last semester is full of impactful classes, and tons of hours of relaxation. For me, that “class” was offered by all my older friends, and I am […]

Thankful for Furman

About a week ago, an organization called Furman Creative Collaborative published this video of Furman students saying what they’re thankful for. Make sure to watch this whole video and stay tuned until the end, when my friend Nathan showers us all with little drops of truth (if you watch it and you don’t say “UGH […]

A student’s perspective on the Chemistry Department (guest blog by Hazel Davis)

Hey all! My name is Hazel Davis and I am currently a senior Chemistry major at Furman. A lot of people think of Chemistry majors as a super obscure group of uber nerds who don’t have a lot of other friends and spend all their time studying. (Just think of all those Hollywood movies where […]

She’s never wrong, she’s Dr Wright!

Hey dins (and hopefully future dins)! Last week I interviewed Dr Wright from the Chemistry department (which also happens to be my major, whoop whoop) so here is what we talked about- enjoy! What is your role in the chemistry department? I have 2 roles in the Chemistry department. One role is to teach chemistry […]

Danai Agakidou #seniorinDINial

Name: Athina Danai Agakidou Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece Graduation Year: 2017 Major: Chemistry Name one student organization you are a part of: I am a proud member of Furman Creative Collaborative (FCC) and Admission Ambassadors. I’m the president of FCC, an organization whose mission is to promote creativity and community on campus, and one of our […]