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Whenever I tell someone I’m in a triple, they all have the same reaction.  There face becomes contorted and they remark “ooh…how is that going?” like it’s a bad thing. However, living in a triple for me has been a great experience this past year.

When I first read my rooming assignment and saw that I was going to rooming with two other people when I had only asked for one, I was not pleased to say the least.  I considered everything that could go wrong: lack of space, being closer to one roommate than the other, and much more.  I thought it would be a disaster.  Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised.

For me, the rooming survey worked out great, I have two roommates Haley and Claire, and while we don’t always hang out that much outside of the room, we coexist great.  We really haven’t thought at all about anything this whole year.  They are more like my sisters than roommates, and it’s always great to run threw our days together at night. So if you’re worried about the rooming horror stories becoming a reality, I advise you not to sweat it, because while those things could happen, it’s usually pretty rare.

Also, living on the hall with a bunch of other freshman girls has made my freshman year here at Furman.  I think the bonding activities at the beginning of the year really helped us grow together as a family, something really unique to Furman that most schools don’t do.  My hall is full of amazing girls, and is home to some of my best friends.  We are all such a close knit group, and frequently will grab meals, watch movies, or just chill in a room together chatting for hours.  At the beginning of the year, our whole hall had a talent show.  Now that’s not something that happens everywhere you know.

All in all, my rooming experience has been great.  Just make sure to fill out your survey as truthfully as you can, and you will be a-okay.  Even if you do end up in a triple, they happen to be rather spacious, and that’s just two more best friends you’ll make. Try not to dwell on your rooming situation even doesn’t go very well, you don’t have to be best friends with them, all you gotta do is sleep at night and go on your separate things during the day.

This is an exciting time, get pumped for new friends and exciting experiences this upcoming year!