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How are you considering using your degree after you graduate? Have you thought about being an information professional? The American Library Association says, “Librarians and library workers help people find information and use it effectively for personal and professional purposes. They must have knowledge of a wide variety of scholarly and public information sources and must be on the cutting edge of technology¬† trends in order to serve their patrons.” Sounds like a description of someone from a liberal arts education, doesn’t it?

Librarians earn a Masters in Library and Information Science as a gateway to professional jobs. Here is a link to ALA accredited graduate programs. If you are accepted in a program, you are eligible to apply for the Ethel Carlisle Southern Library Scholarship, which is awarded each spring. Details about the scholarship will be coming in January 2015.

21st Century Libraries
photo (3)Anthony W. Marx, president and CEO of the NYC Public Library, ¬†says “I don’t think the library is threatened. Circulation of physical books has never been higher. But I wouldn’t even agree that libraries are in the book business. I think they are in the information sharing business. And it just so happens that books have been the primary method of sharing information for half a millennium. The library isn’t going to compete with the internet. It’s going to be part of the internet. New York libraries have one of the greatest collection of information in the world, and one of our goals is to have it all curated, linked and navigable.”