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The CRAAP Test

  Evaluating Your Sources: The Basics Learn to look critically at everything. Determining the quality of your resources is ultimately your responsibility, so if you have any doubts (and you should often doubt!) investigate it further. Some criteria are essential to consider for all types of sources you consider using. These include CURRENCY, RELEVANCE, AUTHORITY, ACCURACY, and […]

While Librarians are sleeping

While Librarians are sleeping (Or at least the library is closed) Did you know that for some research-related questions, you can get library help in the middle of the night? The library has a collection of answers to some of the most frequently asked research assistance questions, like “how can I find peer-reviewed journal articles?” […]

Workshops & Training

Work smarter, not harder. On-demand workshops from the libraries can be requested as individual training sessions, group sessions (departmental retreats or committee meetings), or as sessions for classes you are teaching. We can also meet with students one-on-one. You may contact your library liaison or send an email to Topics: Audio and Music Resources: Streaming and […]

Special Collections Pop-Up Exhibit

Take a study break and check out our pop up exhibit, available today from 10:30 am -1:00 pm in the James B. Duke Library. Jeff Makala, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist, is on hand to wow you with a few items from our collection.

Embrace This Database: CQ Researcher

A Database That Works For You: CQ Researcher  Need to know about important issues of the day? Are you writing a speech, looking for a paper topic, or preparing for a debate? CQ Researcher reports are in-depth, reliable, and organized for quickly learning about current events, movements, and controversies that are facing America.  Sample topics, […]

Political Bias in Periodicals

Political Bias in Periodicals Periodicals that cover politics and current events may have a political or cultural bias.  This may be reflected in their choice of topics, the opinions expressed, or the solutions proposed.  An awareness of bias is important when you select the sources for your research. To detect bias, keep the following in mind: Are all sides of […]

When to use Google Scholar

When using Google Scholar might be a good idea: Your topic is interdisciplinary and very specific You are comfortable searching Google, but want to focus on scholarly resources You want to find citing references for an article (hint: learn more about citing references here) When using Google Scholar might work against you: Your topic is […]

International Student Orientation

New international students attended a library orientation session. Brainstorming keywords is fun!

Work Smart Workshop

Work Smart Workshop: Digital Media Resources Friday, March 27 @ 3:30 pm – 4:20 pm James B. Duke Library, Room 043 Looking for new ways to engage your students with your class material? Looking for images or video to add to a presentation?  Consider adding media. The libraries provide access to an impressive number of digital […]

Work Smart Workshop

When: Tuesday, September 23 @ 2:30 pm – 3:20 pm Wednesday, September 24 @ 11:30 am – 12:20 pm Friday, September 26 @ 3:30 pm – 4:20 pm Location: James B. Duke Library 041   No RSVP Required The library offers over half a million eBooks and hundreds of thousands of full-text eJournals. Discuss smart methods […]