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FU Sustainability


Sustainability has gained much fame in recent years and is the newest trend today. The media has a large part in pushing sustainability and encouraging individuals to be more sustainable. Furman is no exception. According to an article in the Journal of Environmental Education, Susan Strife says that despite media buzz surrounding environmental sustainability, there is a lack of education surrounding the issue. She thinks that incorporating a human element into sustainability is vital for the success of the movement. That is exactly what Furman is trying to do: educate and humanize the issue.

What is sustainability?

  • Meeting humanities present needs while enriching the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

What are Furman‘s sustainability goals?

  • Furman seeks to lead the way to a more sustainable future, and to better educate students about both living sustainable lives and becoming environmental leaders who will be able to contribute to a more sustainable world. On Furman’s campus, we are exploring the concept of sustainability not only in theory but also as a way of living and learning that can be practiced right now, an approach to stewardship that influences every decision.

How are students getting involved?

  • Environmental Action Group (EAG)
  • Furman Forward
  • Furman in the Garden
  • Sustainable Connections
  • Upstate Forever Furman Chapter
  • Environmental Community of Students
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can live in the greenbelt
  • Freshman can live in a green dorm room
  • Student Climate Action Revolving Fund
  • The Furman Farm

How is Furman being more sustainable?

  • Solar Installations produce energy and provide opportunities for teaching
  • Solar Panels at Cliffs Cottage provide energy use for the building
  • Solar Thermal systems at Cliffs Cottage and the PAC provide hot water
  • Replace the HVAC heating/cooling system in North Village with a more energy efficient geothermal pump.

How is Furman getting the word out?

  • Information is available on the website
  • Kil-A-Watt challenge is publicized with banners and flyers around campus
  • Educational courses available to students
  • Articles on FU net
  • In the media, such as Glass Guides, Clean Air-Cool Planet, and the Greenville News.

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