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It’s Trendy to Save the Environment!

Look at our Polar Bears!

Supporting world peace and world hunger was so 5 years ago. Now, the trendy thing to support is the cause for global warming! Don’t get me wrong, there are still billions of us out there supporting numerous causes. Just look for the ‘Coexist’ and ‘Save the ta-tas stickers… on the back of our Toyota Prius’ and hybrid cars of course! This sudden kick to stop global warming has hit the United States hard and fast. But limiting the amount of oil you burn in the winter to warm up your house isn’t going to be enough to save the oh so cute polar bears our children study about in school. So what do we do and why are we even doing it?

The idea is simple. Mother Earth has been sweating up a storm, about a 1 degree F. increase, over the last 100 years. People are concerned because this temperature increase changes rainfall patterns, melts glaciers, and a bunch of other things that will increase the sea level. If we keep destroying the earth with our man made inventions, the green that we walk upon will no longer exist.

In order to make citizens happy, the United States government created a Climate Policy. This policy includes concepts like using voluntary based programs to reduce emissions and promote the reduction of greenhouse gas. There are companies like Energy Star, Climate Leaders, and Methane Voluntary Programs to encourage those to limit the amount of emission they produce. The concept of global warming will not have a huge effect on us, personally. However, in a few thousand years, the changes we made to reduce emission will save the green of our earth.

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