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February is Black History Month and to celebrate the Furman Libraries have several displays featuring black scientists, artists, and authors. Each library location has a unique display or exhibit so be sure to visit each one before they’re changed. Keep reading for a brief description of the displays at each location.

Sanders Science Library

The science library display is more permanent than the others and will be available all semester. We hope it will be inspiring to all who interact with it. This display features eight African American scientists who have contributed to our knowledge of the world in their respective fields. Some of the disciplines represented include biochemistry, medicine, physics, and mathematics. We created cubes for each individual and when you open them you’ll be able to read a brief biography, an interesting quote, view a photo of the person, and scan a QR code to view videos (TED Talks, Story Corps, etc.), books, and additional information about their life and work.

Maxwell Music Library

The theme for the music display is African American representation in opera. We used the book Blackness in Opera as a general guide in the creation of this display. The display features four contemporary operatic performers and summaries of several operas that are important when discussing the portrayal of African American people in this medium. In addition to this display, the library has several books on this topic that may be of interest to anyone looking to dive deeper into this subject.

James B Duke Library

Furman’s main library has several book displays this month. The largest one is located to your right as you enter the library. This display is split into two different parts. On one half it contains books related to black history discussing topics such as redlining – a form of real estate, mortgage, service, and development discrimination against prominently black neighborhoods. The other half of this display honors author Jason Reynolds who the Library of Congress has appointed as the 2020 National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. Finally, the end cap of the leisure reading section contains an excellent selection of books addressing a variety of topics related to race in America. All books on these displays are available for check out so please take one home to read!