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Cover of the Bulletin of Furman University Alumni Number. August, 1945. Elizabeth Lake Jones, Dean of Women is on the cover.The Furman Bulletin is, perhaps, one of the University’s most interesting and confusing publications. And now it’s available online in all its glory as the Furman Bulletins digital collection.

The Bulletins began in January 1912 with the dedication of the James C. Furman Hall of Science and ended in 1974 as a 4-page profile of the University and its student body. In its 62 year run, it also served as a supplemental course catalog, as a scholarly publication for the original research of faculty and sometimes alumni, as an alumni magazine, as a history of the University, as a photobook of the campus, and as a source of information for prospective students. Furman’s Special Collections Librarian and Archivist, Jeff Makala noted that “It would take a team of serials librarians to properly understand the relationship between the various named and unnamed parts of the Furman Bulletin.”

Despite the ever-shifting scope of the publication, one thing is for certain: it provides a rich look at the history of the Furman campus, curriculum, and students.