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Furman MagazineThe Digital Collections Center is proud to announce the launch of its newest digital collection: Furman Magazine. This collection contains over 180 issues of the Furman Magazine beginning with its first issue in 1951 all the way up to its current issue from the Spring of 2015. The magazines are a fascinating look at the development of Furman University during the 20th and 21st centuries. When the first issue was published in 1951, the country was still recovering from the aftershocks of World War II and transitioning into the Civil Rights Era. Veterans were clamoring for educational opportunities and the baby boom was in full swing. Closer to home, Furman University and Greenville Woman’s College were still separate campuses located in downtown Greenville. The 750 acres that make up Furman’s current campus were an empty field with breathless unobstructed views of Paris Mountain. In the 62 year span of the magazine, the world has changed significantly and Furman University has changed along with it. Explore the rich stories of our University, our professors, and our alumni in this unique and historically valuable collection.


Sharon Eldred says:

I like your article.

Fred Franks says:

I love Furman, my son Donovan Franks attend the school! Recommend Furman to anyone looking for a great Liberal Arts school.

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