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Furman University Library’s online Postcard Collections contain many treasures such as this New Year’s postcard from 1910. It was sent from a former student at Greenville Female College named Bessie to Stella Rossignol.

May All the Blessings Attend on Thee During the New Year

In an interesting twist on the Santa Claus tradition, this postcard shows a group of elves lowering bags of gold coins down a chimney














The reverse of the postcard reads:

Miss Stella Rossignol
Greenville, SC

Aransas Pass. Tex.

Dearest Stela. Am “powerful proud” of a Christmas gift “coming up” & thank you in advance. Listen, if you haven’t sent it yet, send to above add[ress]. We reached here 24 [illegible]

Am only writing this card on receipt of yours & his and in hopes it will reach you in time to mail me here. Will write you long let[ter] as soon as have half a chance. Have lots to tell you. Just address Aransas Pass Tex. Happy New Year from us both to all.

Ever Bessie

It is likely that “Stella Rossignol” was a moniker made up by the students of Greenville Female College as a means of addressing mail to the entire student body. The word “stella” means “star” in Italian and “rossignol” means “nightingale” in French. All postcards addressed to “Miss Stella Rossignol” were saved by Mary C. Judson, lady principal of Greenville Female College (1878-1912). This postcard is part of the Judson Postcard Collection housed in Furman University’s Special Collections and Archives.