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Library staff around the world have seen an uptick in staplercide – the murder of library staplers.   The James B. Duke Library has seen its fair share.  A recent article in College & Research Library News shines a spotlight on this crisis.

“The average life span for a stapler at the library’s reference desk this past semester was 15.3 days. The most common cause of stapler death was exhaustion. An exhausted stapler would staple once, and then jam, entering a state of nonresponsive “stapler shock.”  After a librarian valiantly unjammed it, the stapler would muster one more staple before collapsing again. Often we were not able to intervene before a frustrated student began assaulting the jammed stapler.  One should not beat a dead stapler.”

Read the full article to learn the shocking tale of Staplercide in academic libraries!

a funeral pyre of staplers


Christy says:

The funeral pyre of staplers is both funny and sad at the same time. Look at the one that has the little frowny face sticker with the x’s for eyes!! So tragic!

eyoung says:

Ha ha–can’t believe this is a real article! Thought you were making it up 🙂
Although I HAVE seen those cowering, whimpering staplers it talks about

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