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Every year, we try to screen the Grammy Award Nominees and pick who we think the winners might be.  This year I decided to make Spotify playlists of some of our relevant categories.  Anyone can use Spotify for free, just click on the links below!

Let us know what you think.  We will order the most loved/acclaimed albums for our collection. 

Any category without at least the majority of nominees available in Spotify was not included, and I have indicated which nominees were not included.
Best Improvised Jazz Solo (missing J. Mac by Kenny Garrett, from: Seeds From The Underground)
Best Jazz Vocal (missing Soul Shadows by Denise Donatelli & The Book Of Chet by Luciana Souza)
Best Jazz Instrumental (missing Seeds from the Underground)
Best Folk Album
Best World Music Album (missing On a Gentle Island Breeze and The Living Room Sessions Part 1)
Best Musical Theater Album (missing Follies and Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess)
Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media (missing Rock of Ages)
Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media (missing Journey)
Best Orchestral Performance
Best Chamber Music/ Small Ensemble Performance (missing Profanes Et Sacrées)
Best Classical Instrumental Solo (missing András Schiff’s WTC and Kim Kashkashian)
Best Classical Vocal Solo (missing Homecoming with Joyce DiDonato)
Best Classical Compendium
Best Contemporary Classical Composition (missing the Ugis Praulins and the Steven Stucky)

You can see all nominees at the website for the Grammy Awards.