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Take care of your library fines and help fill a local food bank at the same time!

Kappa Alpha is holding a food drive with the library. Bring a can of food/item of nonperishable food for every dollar you owe in fines. Although this does not apply to replacement costs of lost items, IT DOES cover inter library loan (ILL) fines.

The food drive continues through Tuesday, December 14.

What kind of food should you bring? If you depended on groceries from a food bank, what kind of items would help you feed your family? A jar of peanut butter or can of tuna would go father to make a meal than a can of green beans. A jar of spagehetti sauce is better than a can of cranberry sauce. Put yourself in other’s place when you select your food for fines.


robyn says:

excellent work, ms young! this is a fantastic post and thought provoking as well. i shall participate in this can drive and i thank you for informing the furman community about this very important student-driven initiative.

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