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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: How to Find Winter Fruit for Breakfast

Many of our FUEL participants strive to make 1/2 of their breakfast fruit, 1/2 of their lunch vegetables, and 1/2 of their dinner vegetables. The problem is that common fruits like berries, peaches, and melon, are out of season during the winter months.  This means that they are pretty expensive and not very tasty. So […]

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: A week’s worth of healthful convenience foods

  No time to cook?  Not a problem. My mission this week was to feed my family of four without cooking from a recipe or resorting to restaurant food. I was on the hunt for healthful convenience foods that wouldn’t break my budget…and they had to please my husband and two kids ages 6 and […]

What’s in your coffee? How to spot hidden trans fats in food

Pop quiz… this coffee creamer label states that a one tablespoon serving contains “0 grams of trans fat”. So does that mean that it actually contains “0 grams of trans fat?” Answer:  Nope. Since 2006, the Food and Drug Administration has required food manufacturers to list the amount of trans fats on food labels. However, anything less […]

Eat More, Not Less

I tend to cringe when I hear nutritional advice to eat less– “reduce your portion size”, “track your calories”, “restrict, restrict, restrict.” No thanks. I am not a bird.  And I refuse to eat like one. Obviously, we need to exert a little bit of self-control over some foods.  For example, we can enjoy one […]

Greenville Saturday Farmer’s Market Recipes

We stopped by the Downtown Greenville Saturday Farmer’s Market this weekend and had a blast!  My kids were pretty mopey at first because they thought that I was dragging them shopping.  Once they tasted the Oatmeal Strawberry Bar from the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery and washed it down with some Passionfruit Iced Tea from Tealoha […]

Incorporating Fatty Fish

Thinking about fish for dinner tonight?  Research suggests that may be a smart move. Fish are excellent sources of protein, vitamins and minerals.  Some varieties of fish are exceptionally high in the omega-3 fatty acids known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  Research suggests that individuals who regularly consume fish may experience up […]

Meals in Minutes

No time to cook?  If you stock your freezer and pantry with the right ingredients, you can put together a healthy meal in no time.   Fish with Quinoa and Vegetables The American Heart Association recommends eating fish (preferably fatty fish like salmon)  twice per week for heart health.  I find this really easy to […]

Soy Foods: What is the verdict?

Edamame, tofu, tempeh, miso, and soy milk… are soy foods healthful or harmful? Soy foods contain impressive amounts of high quality plant proteins and fibers.  For example, one half cup serving of edamame (young green soybeans) contains 13 grams of protein and 12 grams (48% DV) of fiber. Soy foods also contain an array of phytochemicals […]

Quick Guide to Food Labels

  Have you ever stared at a food label and wondered what all of those numbers mean? Here is a quick guide to reading food labels. 1.  Start with the serving size.   Manufacturers decide what an appropriate serving size is.  However, you always want to start here first.  If you eat two servings of […]

Example FUEL plates

  FUEL 2014 has begun and participants are beginning to transform their plates.   They strive to fill half of their plates with vegetables and/or fruits, one quarter with whole grains or potatoes and one quarter with a source of lean protein.   Sarah Worth and Bill Price forwarded this picture of their family dinner. […]