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FUEL Cooking Workshop Recipes 4/7: Sheet Pan Suppers and One Pot Meals

I love to cook; just not when I am hungry.  This is why I am a big fan of one pot meals.  They contain everything you need– plenty of vegetables, some lean protein, whole grains or potatoes, and  a little bit of healthy fat.  Plus you only have to clean one pot or pan when […]

Furman Student Culinary Club Workshop Recipes Spring 2017

The Furman Student Culinary Club has wrapped up another great semester.  Check out some of the delicious recipes from our spring 2017 workshops. In February, Furman Student Morgan Cooper led the Club with a Baking Workshop that included both healthier and indulgent recipes.  Here are a few of the favorites: Chocolate Avocado Pudding with Hazelnuts. […]

The Point Pantry: Furman Students donate Pden Points for Loaves and Fishes

  Attention Furman students:  Did you know that you can donate your end of year Pden Points to the Loaves and Fishes local food recovery program?   The Furman Department of Health Sciences has been working closely with Loaves and Fishes to help improve access to healthful foods to 97 local food pantries and homeless […]

FUEL the Community: Battling the Hunger-Obesity Paradox

FUEL the Community In the United States, hunger and obesity often coexist within the same individual.  This concept, known as the “Hunger- Obesity Paradox” seems almost counterintuitive.  How can the same individual be hungry and obese at the same time? William Dietz, MD, PhD first described this phenomenon in the journal of Pediatrics in 1995.  […]

New Food Labels Hit the Stores

Frustrated with the small print or misleading information on Nutrition Facts Panels? Be sure to check out the new labels that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are already hitting the stores. You can see some of the important changes on the salad dressing labels above.  The old label is on […]