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Culinary Club Workshop- Healthy 30 minute meals

  Attention Furman students!: The Furman Culinary Club will be hosting a healthy cooking workshop featuring 30 minute meals.  The workshop will be led by Leah Pope and Kathryn Clark and will be held on Sunday, February 28 from 4-6 p.m. in the Plyer Cooking Lab (Room 144). Space is limited.  To reserve a spot, sign […]

The Phenomenal Lifestyle Transformation of Kim Rhodes

In January of 2015 Kim Rhodes (Furman Financial Services) decided to make a change.  Her son wanted to use the Furman Fitness Center (PAC) but wasn’t old enough to go alone.  She knew that she had to make a change for her family and to save her own life.  Kim had been feeling lousy and […]

The Blue Zones: Discovering the Secrets of Longevity

  Have you ever wondered what are the keys to living a long, happy life? Even with advances such as sanitation and medicine, life expectancies still vary considerably around the world.  For example, the country boasting the highest life expectancy is Japan at a whopping 84 years.  This falls down to 79 years in the U.S.,  60 in […]

5 Gadgets to Make Healthy Cooking a Breeze

  Our Spring 2016 FUEL Healthy Eating Program began this week.  Twenty members of our faculty, staff, and spouses are learning about an easy plate-based guide to eating.  Simply fill half of your plate with vegetables and/or fruits, one quarter with whole grains or potatoes, and one quarter with a lean protein source.  This simple […]

Meet the Spring 2016 FIT Rx Trainers!

  This semester 13 of our outstanding Health Science majors are participating in an internship in individualized exercise assessment and prescription called FIT Rx.  They learn how exercise can be used to improve many health outcomes and earn academic credit by applying these principles directly with our faculty, staff, and dependents.   I am pleased to […]

Strike It! New Martial Arts based class available through the Group Exercise Program

  Strike It! is a brand new addition to the Furman Fitness Center Spring 2016 Group Exercise Schedule and begins today, February 8.  (Click on the image above to enlarge.)