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Meet the Spring FIT Rx Trainers!

We have a very talented and energetic group of students participating in the FIT Rx internship in individualized exercise prescription for Spring 2015.  These eighteen students will be working directly with 75 members of the Furman Faculty, Staff, and spouses to implement exercise programs that improve health outcomes. Meet the Spring 2015 FIT Rx trainers!: […]

The Best of FUEL– Complete, Healthy 30 Minute Meals

  2015 marks the five year anniversary for the FUEL Healthy Eating Program at Furman.  Over 150 participants have begun to improve their health– one plate a time.  To celebrate, I am posting some of our favorite FUEL meals and snacks over the years. These meals conform to our FUEL plate– 1/2 vegetables and/or fruits, 1/4 […]

Exercise is Medicine

Have you ever watched a commercial for a prescription drug?  Sometimes the laundry list of side effects makes me question if the benefit really exceeds the risk for some of them. Medications definitely have their place. But don’t you wish that someone would create a magic pill that would cure, or at least help to alleviate many of the […]

Furman Group Exercise Classes Spring 2015

Furman Fitness Center Group Exercise classes begin next week, Monday, January 12. Our classes are taught at multiple levels so you can tailor your workout to your own fitness level.  We even have a Beginner Body Fit (weight training) Class exclusively for our new exercisers. Hope to see you there! (click on the images below […]