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Welcome to the Live Well Furman blog!  This blog is designed to help support healthy behaviors in the Furman community and beyond.  Be sure to sign up for our email subscription to have the latest campus wellness offerings, wellness news briefs, healthy meal ideas, and exercise tips delivered straight to your inbox each week!

Take the Wellable Step Challenge!

Are you looking for a way to maintain an active lifestyle during COVID?  Furman employees are invited to participate in a FREE Wellable Step Challenge this fall.  Log your steps each day and try to increase your physical activity level.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge for most steps, most improved, consistency, and even social media posts!  The platform for the challenge is Wellable, and you can sync your device that automatically tracks your steps.

Challenge dates are October 19, 2020 – November 15, 2020.

Spaces are limited so sign up today!

Sign up here:

Sponsored by the Furman Wellness Committee


Thank you!



FIT Rx Fall 2020 Registration Is Open!


The Department of Health Sciences is proud to offer FIT-Rx for Fall 2020.  Through this program, Health Sciences majors are trained in the foundations of exercise assessment, exercise prescription, health coaching, and lifestyle medicine.  As a major component of their coursework, FIT Rx interns are available to offer free individualized exercise training sessions for other Furman students, employees, and dependents. There will be 24 openings available which will be phased throughout the semester (September- December 2020).

This fall, training and health coaching will be available for individuals or small groups of 2-3 in the following formats:

1) Virtual health coaching/ exercise program guidance

~ Students, employees, dependents

2) Exercise training in the PAC (6 feet apart with mask)

~ Students

3) Exercise training outdoors (6 feet apart with mask; 15 feet apart without mask during high intensity training)

~ Students, employees

For more information or to apply to participate, please contact Mrs. Kelly Frazier, Lecturer of Health Sciences via email at

Furman Step Challenge for Faculty & Staff

Are you ready to get your step on?  Join the step challenge this summer!  In person events may have been cancelled, but you can get steps just about anywhere.


Between June 15 – July 19, join the Furman community in a healthy challenge by meeting step goals.  Movement and health are of utmost importance, especially with the uncertainty of current times.  This challenge is supported by the Furman Wellness Committee.


Enter your name here to join the challenge!


Please contact or if you have additional questions.




What is the challenge?

Log your steps each day between June 15 and July 19 (5 weeks), aiming to meet increasing step goals each week.


What are the step goals?

Each week, there will be a daily step goal that participants can aim for.  The goals increase by 1,000 daily steps each week:

·       Week 1: 7,000 steps per day

·       Week 2: 8,000 steps per day

·       Week 3: 9,000 steps per day

·       Week 4: 10,000 steps per day

·       Week 5: 11,000 steps per day

You can always have your own personal goals!


How do I track my steps?

You can track your steps with a smart watch (like a Fitbit), with your phone (most phones track steps, but you have to remember to carry your phone with you), with a pedometer, OR you can calculate your number of steps based on the distance you walk/run divided by your stride length (see calculation here)


How do I log my tracked steps?

Enter your name into this spreadsheet, and manually log your steps each day of the challenge.


What if I forget to log my steps one day?

No problem.  You can always backlog steps, just remember it’s easier to do it the day of!  As long as all your steps are logged before the end of the challenge, you can log whenever is convenient for you.


It rained all day/it’s too hot and I couldn’t get out for a walk/jog…

That’s ok!  There are plenty of indoor activities that can earn steps, including cooking, cleaning, dancing, workout videos, and even walking in place while watching your favorite show.


What if I’m on vacation/furlough during part of the challenge?

You can still participate.  If you can’t access the form while you’re away, just write down your steps each day and log them when you return.


Will you announce a winner?

We will acknowledge the participants that have the highest overall steps, highest average steps per day, and most improvement.  Since celebrating in person is not feasible, we will virtually acknowledge participants!


Happy stepping!

Wellbeing Ideas for Remote Employees

Reserve the 7-Seater Conference Bicycle

Furman Group Exercise Spring 2020

Greenville Track Club Running and Walking Events

The Greenville Track Club offers an exciting schedule of events for walkers and runners in the Upstate community.  Furman employees and family members who participate can help contribute to the Furman team score of the Corporate Shield Series.

2020 GTC Corporate Shield Schedule

January 18         Run Downtown 5K
March 21            Milliken Earth Run 5K
May 9                  Zoom through the Zoo 5K
June 13               Sunrise Run 8K
July 4                  Red, White & Blues Shoes 5K
August 29          Michelin 5K
September 11    BMW Classic 2 mile
October 10        GE Cross-Country 6K

For more information or to register for events, please visit:

Remember to indicate “Furman University” as your team name when you register.

MyWellness Incentive Bag for Furman Employees

Furman encourages all faculty and staff to take advantage of the wide variety of high quality wellness programming offered on campus.  Employees who complete at least 10 hours of Furman sponsored wellness activities from at least three different wellness events are eligible to receive a MyWellness gift bag (movie ticket, Daniel Dining Hall meal ticket, healthy snack).

Browse through the eligible activities by clicking on the image below.  To claim your prize, please send completed forms to Jason Hayden (Psychology) at


Click here to print 2019 MyWellness Incentive Worksheet