Explore Your Faith at Furman!

Perhaps you are looking for a community to share your questions of faith, grow spiritually, and gather with others doing the same. We would invite you to explore your beliefs in our faith-based communities here at Furman.  Our religious organizations offer opportunities for friendship, a place to worship, and spiritual guidance. Complete our Religious Preference Form to get connected to one or more of these organizations.  To learn more about spiritual life at Furman, be sure to visit the Chaplaincy website.

Exploration of Vocational Ministry (EVM) is a four-year internship program offering students an opportunity to explore their interest in, call to, and fitness for professional ministry in a variety of fields. Together, students explore what it means to build a life that seeks to bring about peace and justice on this earth. EVM’s projects and activities provide many opportunities for engaged learning, fellowship with others considering ministry, internship opportunities, and a scholarship. Internships allow students to work with and make a difference through local social agencies, congregations, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. Meetings include speakers, activities, and small group discussions that are poignant and engaging. The scholarship offsets the time invested in internships and assists students as they explore their call to ministry. To learn more, visit the EVM website.



Paying for Furman: Help Us Help You!

Fall semester billing statements will be delivered via email by the end of July, and payment is due to the Student Business Center no later than August 13.  Once statements are prepared, you will also be able to view your bill online via MyFurman. Please refer to the Student Business Center website for more information about student financial matters and check out the payment options that are available to you and your family.  If you have questions, you can contact the Student Business Center at 864-294-2500.

Most students who will receive financial aid have been awarded for the 2014-2015 year. If you applied for financial aid, you should have received an award notification and taken action on the aid you will accept.  If the amount of aid you anticipated would be applied to your account does not match what is listed on your fall billing statement, the most likely causes include:

  • You have not accepted part of your aid package. Go to the financial aid section of MyFurman, click “Accept or reject my financial aid awards” and follow the instructions on that page.
  • You may have outstanding requirements to complete your financial aid file. Go to the financial aid section of MyFurman, click “My Documents” and see if anything is missing.
  • Your FAFSA is being verified. This process can take up to a week after all documents have been received.
  • You did not apply for need-based financial aid.
  • Part or all of your award is Federal Work Study requiring you to earn the funds through an on-campus job.  Federal Work Study funds are not applied to your account.  As you work, the money you earn is paid via our regular payroll.


It is vital that you pay close attention to all communications you receive from Financial Aid, you don’t want to miss an important detail or deadline!  Questions about your aid? Contact Financial Aid via e-mail or at 864-294-2204.


Get ready for Summer Orientation!

We are only a few days away from the first Summer Orientation session and could not be more excited!  The Summer O-Staff arrived back at Furman on Monday and has been busily preparing for all of the orientation sessions.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@FU_Orientation) to learn more about the orientation staff, get some tips as you prepare for orientation, and see some of the O-Staff’s favorite Furman and Greenville hangouts!

I know many of you have questions about what to expect during Summer Orientation, and I hope to answer those questions for you right now!  You should receive an email about 10 days prior to your session that includes this same information, so keep an eye out for that.

Prior to attending orientation, there are a few items that you MUST COMPLETE:


You will be meeting with a Summer Advising Counselor during orientation, but if you would like to begin thinking about the courses you might want to take, feel free to look through Furman’s course catalog.  Remember, there is no need to have your schedule completely planned prior to attending orientation – your Orientation Staff leaders and Summer Advising Counselor will assist you with the course selection process.  It is also important to note that not all courses listed in the catalog are offered every semester, or even every year.

Also, just a friendly reminder that you will need your Furman network credentials (the username and password that allow you to log into MyFurman) during Orientation, so please make sure you know those.

When you arrive at Furman for your orientation session, there will be members of the Orientation Staff around campus to help guide you.  Check-in will take place in the South Housing Residential Area, in front of Geer Hall, from 8:00-9:00am.  If you would like print a campus map prior to your arrival, you can find one here.

We will provide bed linens and towels for your overnight stay, but you will need to bring toiletries.  There are community bathrooms in the residence halls, so keep that in mind as you pack.  Casual attire is appropriate for Summer O – we want you to be comfortable!  Sometimes the residence halls can be a bit chilly, so you might want to bring an extra blanket or sweatshirt.

Unfortunately, we can’t house everyone on campus during Summer O, so parents and family members accompanying you will need to make accommodations at a local hotel.  (For a list of hotels in the area, click here.)  Again, casual attire is encouraged.

If you have not already paid for Summer Orientation, please try to do so prior to arriving.  Only cash or check will be accepted as payment the day of.  You can complete payment by logging back into the registration system, or by calling 864-294-2076 and we can assist you.

Finally, we encourage you to download the “Guidebook” app for your smart phone, and search for the “Furman University Summer Orientation” guide.  This will be a great resource for you during Summer Orientation – it includes orientation schedules, a listing of campus resources, information about the orientation staff, a campus map, social media connections, and more.  The app is available for free in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know!  We look forward to seeing many of you on campus throughout the next two weeks!

Why “Summer O” is awesome!

The following blog was authored by Sam McCoy, a sophomore from Wichita, Kansas and majoring in chemistry.  This is Sam’s first summer on the Orientation Staff.


Last year, I was going to Summer Orientation as an incoming freshman. I was not quite sure what to expect, so I just went into the experience with an open mind. As soon check in began I started to meet new people, some of whom I still talk to regularly.

We went to the initial orientation presentation in McAlister Auditorium; I was split from my parents and put in a small group. My leaders took us to an area behind John’s Hall. Their series of icebreakers, while a little awkward… was so worth it! By the first meal, our small group members were all very comfortable with each other, joking around and talking very openly about what we wanted from our Furman Experience.

We spent the day picking classes, which would have gone so much worse had it not been for my awesome leaders, Alyson and Jonathan, being patient and knowledgeable. I learned which classes I shouldn’t take together and what classes I should avoid first semester, but I also learned about some pretty amazing classes to take that I might not have considered beforehand.

That night was the student social, the PalaParty! It was a mixer for the students, complete with food and games. I spent my time running around with my new friend, Matt, meeting other new students and doing our best to win some prizes (we were unsuccessful with the prizes).

By the end of Orientation, I felt confident in the classes I would be taking my first semester and I had new friends that I would be able to meet up with in the fall, so I didn’t have to worry about being alone. And I still see and hang out with people that were in my O-Group. One of them even ended up being my roommate…

This is Summer O: Great people & good times!

See ya there!

South Housing versus Lakeside Housing: Get a Student’s Perspective!

The following blog was co-authored by Coady Shovlain and Greyson Holle.  Coady is a senior from Tallahassee, Florida and majoring in Spanish.  He is returning to the Orientation Staff for his third year, serving this year as one of our Student Coordinators.  Greyson is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado and majoring in Business.  This is his first year on staff.


Thoughts on Lakeside Housing, from Coady

What an exciting time it is for y’all – time to start thinking about where you will live next year!  My buddy, Greyson, and I are hoping to shed some light on what your options are and what you’ll get out of both of them.

This is when going to college actually started to feel real for me. If I remember correctly I was pretty nervous about making the “right” decision, but let me start off by making something clear – there is no “right” decision. You are going to have just as good of an experience in McGlothlin as you are going to have in Judson (or any other residence hall). Hopefully that will take some of the anxiety out of the situation!

So let’s talk about Lakeside. I lived in Lakeside housing during my sophomore year and my experience was fantastic. It is hard to go wrong when you’re in Lakeside. The location is top-notch! It is super close to the library and Furman Hall (where a lot of language, communications, philosophy, etc. classes are). It is also great to visit friends who live in other buildings because the buildings are connected. Each hall has its own kitchen, outfitted with a refrigerator, freezer, oven, and stove. There is also a kitchen table that is great for doing homework… or for putting it off and socializing. The suite style bathrooms in Lakeside are nice as well – you get your own space and you can buy your own toilet paper (and get to choose how soft you want it to be!). You will only have to share with three other people, all of whom will be of the same gender.

When I reflect on the experience I had as a Lakeside resident as a whole, what really jumps out to me – why I loved living there – is the community those halls seem to create. It results directly from the tireless efforts of your hall staff and the quality of student one encounters on our campus. The halls were always filled with friendly faces. On any given night I would find friends having a potluck in the hall kitchen or a group of girls from my sister hall sitting and talking in the hallway. I would find the parlors on the bottom floor filled with my studying peers or I would see a group tanning on the field between the lake and the residence halls. The building is literally built to facilitate a good, social residential experience, something that I cannot wait for you to experience yourself!


Thoughts on South Housing, from Greyson

Now that you’ve heard about Lakeside Housing from Coady, I will tell you a little bit more about South Housing, or SoHo.  SoHo is the primary residential area for first-year students. Located next to Hipp Hall and Plyler Hall, it offers close proximity to classes in business, accounting, education, and the sciences.

The South Housing quad is composed of Poteat Hall, McGlothin Hall, Geer Hall, Manly Hall, and Blackwell Hall. Between the halls there is not much variation except for Blackwell, which I will come back to later. In Geer, Poteat, McGlothin, and Manly there are usually somewhere around 40 students per hall, each separated by gender. On each hall is a communal bathroom (which might sound bad, but this means you do not have to clean your own bathroom – YAY!) and a water fountain. Each room does have a sink, which means not having to walk anywhere to brush your teeth. These halls are great because you get to meet a big group of friends right from the beginning.

Blackwell has a slightly different layout. The halls are smaller, with less than 30 students on each hall, again split up by gender. On each hall there is a communal bathroom and a water fountain. In every room there are bunk beds, but no sink. I’d be lying if I told you the rooms weren’t smaller than the others in South Housing, but that was not a problem for me. I lived in Blackwell and fit all my belongings in easily.

There are two kitchens in SoHo, located in Poteat and Blackwell. There is a fridge, stove and oven in both.

My favorite part about being in South Housing is the proximity to all the other freshmen. With a great number of the freshmen class is living in such a small area, you always see friends. If, and when, you make friends in the other halls, you can easily go hang out in their rooms or them in yours. It makes it easy to meet up with friends to go to the DH (Dining Hall) or go to the PAC (Physical Activities Center). I thoroughly enjoyed my year in South Housing!


If you have questions or would like additional information about living on campus, check out the Housing & Residence Life website.  And don’t forget to complete your complete your Housing Assignment Request Form by the end of June.  BEST of luck during the housing lottery, and (as if you didn’t know it was coming) may the odds be ever in your favor!!

We look forward to meeting everyone at Summer Orientation – today is the deadline to register, so don’t wait!


Get ready to live on campus!

Now that you have confirmed that Furman is the place for you, we need to begin preparing for your arrival!  The first step is your campus housing assignment.   If you will commute to campus this fall, you can sit this one out; otherwise, please proceed!

Complete and submit your Housing Assignment Request.

Housing assignment requests must be submitted no later than June 30.  Specific residence hall requests will be considered through a lottery process, so it is NOT necessary to rush to submit your request.  If you re-submit your request, the most recent submission will be considered. Assignments will be available mid-July and students will receive instructions via email at that time regarding how to check their room assignment.

Learn together. Live together. Succeed together.

Engaged Living: The First-Year Experience provides you with an easy transition into your first year of college life by giving you immediate academic support and a sense of camaraderie. You will:

  • live with other Engaged Living students in the same residence hall;
  • work closely with faculty and students who share your same interests in one of five academic programs;
  • lead other Furman students in a variety of campus life activities;
  • make friends and colleagues who will support you through your four years at Furman.

Select from one of five different academic programs all taught by Furman faculty and take a class or two with other students who live in your residence hall. Build close relationships with dedicated faculty and staff that are there to help you feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported, ensuring that you grow as a student and as a citizen of the world. Be a part of longstanding Furman traditions which ensure that your first-year experience will be rewarding and fun!

Make sure to submit your interest in Engaged Living by the priority deadline of June 20! Visit the Engaged Living website for more information.

 Know your way around social networking sites. 

Social networking has emerged as a wonderful way for our incoming students to meet each other before they ever arrive to campus in the fall.  Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are utilized by a significant number of Furman students.  Please take the time to make sure your social networking profiles positively and accurately represent you, your family and your new Furman family.  Remember, the first impression your roommate may have of you is what he or she observes on a social networking site.

You may also want to check out the Housing & Residence Life web site for new students, highlighting some more important details for you.  And, as always, use the New Students website to guide you on all those things you need to be properly prepared for your arrival in the Fall!

First Year Seminars

If you haven’t already, you should soon be receiving your Furman network credentials in the mail.  They will come to you as part of a larger mailing, that includes several pieces of information – most for you, and a few things for your parents.  Once you have your network credentials, you will be able to log into MyFurman, set up your Furman email, and begin completing a number of items on the checklist.  For more information about Furman’s network, check out the Information Technology Services, or ITS, website.

One of the key things you will do to prep yourself for Summer Orientation is to select some first year seminars you are interested in exploring next year. Make that happen by navigating through our online tutorial and watching these video instructions.  Please select your seminars prior to arriving for your Summer O session, no later than June 13, as this will make it much easier for us to know what you are interested in when you sit down and talk to an advisor.

If you have questions or any problems as you are selecting your First Year Seminar preferences, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Get ready for Summer Orientation!

As you continue on your journey to becoming a full-fledged Furman student, one of the major steps that you will take is attending a Summer Orientation session here on campus.  The main purpose of “Summer O” is to give you an intense overview of academics at Furman, and then allow you to work with a Furman faculty member to enter your fall class choices.  Along the way, you will meet new friends, make campus connections, and have some FUN!

Also occurring during Summer Orientation is our Parent and Family Orientation; registration for a Summer Orientation session includes one family member. Additional family members can attend for a nominal fee.  During the time that students are attending their sessions, family members and other guests will be learning about important issues that affect both new students and their families.

Because we do not assign class schedules until a majority of the class has entered their choices, there is no advantage to attending an earlier session (or disadvantage to attending a later session).  Space is limited within each session, so sign up today!

There are several tasks that you will need to complete prior to your arrival for Summer Orientation:

  • First, in the coming week you will receive a packet of information at your home (sent through “snail mail”) that includes your technology credentials.  This information will allow you access to the Furman network, MyFurman, and your Furman.edu email address.  For additional information and instructions, please review the Information Technology Services webpage.
  • You will need your network access to take your Language Placement Test, which should be completed prior to attending Summer Orientation.  If you have studied French, German or Spanish before, speak one of these languages at home, or have lived for an extended period in a country where one of these languages is spoken, take our online language placement test. If you’ve studied Latin in the past, be sure to complete our test specifically designed for that language. Placement exams for other languages, such as Chinese or Japanese, may be completed during fall orientation. Remember there is no need to take a placement test in a language you have not studied before or don’t speak at home.  All that is required an honest effort to do your best!
  • You should also begin to take a look at first year seminars. These seminars are a critical introduction to the academic side of Furman and will be one of four courses you take each semester during your first year. We’ll be in touch soon with more information about how you can tell us about the topics you think you would like and the ones that you might want to avoid.
  • And finally, if you have not already done so, please complete your Student Interest Survey; this is the primary tool we use to assign your Academic Advisor, so it is very important to have this data.


As always, all your questions can be answered at the New Students website; if you cannot find it there, please contact us and we will help you!

Welcome Class of 2018!

Congratulations on becoming part of the Furman Paladin Family!  We are so excited that you will be joining us at Furman this fall!

I’m glad to see you’ve made your way to the New Students website – this website is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know as you prepare to begin for life and classes at Furman.  In addition to the many resources on the website, you will be receiving weekly emails to highlight a wide variety of opportunities made available to Furman students.  We will also remind you of any upcoming important deadlines and tasks that you may need to complete over the summer.

This blog is yet another place you can go for information.  We will highlight and recap the weekly emails, just in case you miss one.  Several of our student orientation staff members will also create posts, with some advice and other helpful tips to help you prepare for your time at Furman.

If you haven’t already, be sure to register for Summer Orientation – the deadline to do so is May 30.  This is also the deadline to make changes to your registration.  There is still room in all five sessions, but they are filling up quickly, so don’t wait to register!

Let us know if you have any questions – we are always happy to help!