Know the Rules, Follow the Rules

Happy August – it’s hard to believe the summer has flown by so quickly! As you make your final preparations to move to Furman in just a few short weeks, it is important you familiarize yourself with our student code of conduct and are aware of the University’s expectations.

Furman University’s Student Handbook outlines the University’s official policies, procedures, rules and regulations as they relate to the student experience at Furman.  We encourage each student to review the Student Handbook and understand that your enrollment at the University means that you will support and comply with these expectations.

At Furman, students will experience first-hand that the University is a tight knit residential community of scholars.  As such, it is important for all students to be familiar with the policies and procedures which will govern student life.  The University expects that new students will support and abide by the community standards which have been established and outlined in the Student Handbook. We expect students to be respectful of the rights and privileges of others in our community.  Along with these rights and privileges, we each also have a responsibility to protect the university environment and ensure that it remains conducive for learning.   These policies and procedures are in place to safeguard the academic community.

We hope that as you read through the Student Handbook you will have a greater understanding of the special community you have chosen for your collegiate experience and that you will bring to the community your commitment to a life of civility and integrity.  We expect that our students will continue the Furman tradition of protecting the rights and privileges of the community above those of the individual and that you will also continue the tradition of excellence both inside and outside the classroom which has been demonstrated by generations of students.

You may review the Student Handbook online at in preparation for your arrival to campus.

Furman Bookstore, Campus Dining, and Campus Mail

Did you know that Furman has its own Barnes & Noble campus bookstore, complete with a Starbuck’s Café? Take care of all your textbook needs, buy your essential Furman apparel, grab a snack, lounge by the fireplace with the latest best-seller, or get any last minute school supplies.  Barnes & Noble is conveniently located in the Trone Student Center – check out their Facebook page, Furman Bookstore, to keep up with special sales and promotions!

Campus Dining is also a large part of your college experience – you have to eat, right?  Our goal is to make your dining experience the best it can be by providing delicious and nutritious food in a relaxed atmosphere.  We also strive hard to deliver superior service each day.  As you browse the Dining Services website, you will get a taste of the innovative creations we have in store for you at all of our locations on campus!  You’ll specifically want to check out the page dedicated to meal plans so you’ll know what to expect before you arrive in a couple of months.  All first year students are required to have the unlimited meal plan.  To stay up to date with Dining Services, follow them on Instagram, @FurmanDining.

Finally, all of your campus mail needs will be taken care of by the Print & Post Express, or P2X.  All students are assigned a campus mailbox number, and notified via your Furman email when you receive mail or packages.  Your personal mailbox number (or, your PMB, as we call it) will be available in early August.  You can find your campus mailbox number by looking yourself up in the student directory in MyFurman.  Be sure to refer to the P2X website for information on properly addressing any mail that will be sent to you at Furman.

Paying for Furman

We know many of you have questions about tuition billing, making payments, and financial aid – hopefully we can answer some of those questions today!

Fall semester billing statements will be delivered via email by the end of July.  Payment is due to the Student Business Center no later than August 12.  Once statements are prepared, you will also be able to view your bill online via MyFurman. Please refer to the Student Business Center website for more information about student financial matters and check out the payment options that are available to you and your family.  If you have questions, please contact the Student Business Center at 864-294-2500.

Most students who will receive financial aid have been awarded for the 2015-2016 year. If you applied for financial aid, you should have received an award notification and taken action on the aid you will accept.  If the amount of aid you anticipated would be applied to your account does not match what is listed on your fall billing statement, the most likely causes include…

It is vital that you pay close attention to all communications you receive from Financial Aid.  You don’t want to miss an important detail or deadline.  Questions about your aid? Send our Financial Aid office an e-mail or call at 864-294-2204.

Finally, a reminder that your medical & immunization records are due TODAY.  Please log into the Furman Patient Portal, and simply follow the instructions to complete your records.  If you have questions or run into any problems, please contact Student Health Services at 864-294-2180.

Get ready for Summer Orientation!

We are so excited to meet you during Summer Orientation – the Orientation Team has been working hard to plan an exciting and informative visit for you!

For those of you attending Summer Orientation, you will be receiving an email reminder with some additional information about 10 days prior to your session.

For those of you unable to attend Summer Orientation, we will miss you!  Please make sure you have completed this form, indicating that you will not be attending, so that we can have a summer advisor get in touch with you and assist with course registration.

There are a few items that you need to complete prior to attending Summer O.  If you have already completed these items, thank you!

You will be meeting with a Summer Advisor during orientation who will help explain Furman’s academic requirements and assist you with the initial course selection process. Your permanent academic advisor will be assigned later in the summer and you will meet with that person when you arrive at Furman in August.  If you would like to begin thinking about the courses you might want to take, feel free to look through Furman’s course catalog, but there is no rush to have your schedule completely planned prior to attending orientation as you will be assisted with the course selection process.  It is also important to note that not all courses listed in the catalog are offered every semester, or even every year, but reviewing the catalog can assist you as you start to plan your academic path as well as help you prepare in advance for your meeting with a Summer Advisor.

Also, just a friendly reminder that you will need your Furman network credentials (the username and password that allow you to log into MyFurman) during Orientation, so please make sure you know those.  If you have a laptop computer or tablet, we encourage you to bring that with you as well.

When you arrive at Furman, there will be members of the Orientation Staff around campus to help guide you.  Check-in will take place in the South Housing Residential Area, in front of Geer Hall, from 8:00-9:30am.  If you would like print a campus map prior to your arrival, you can find one here.

We will provide bed linens and towels for your overnight stay, but you will need to bring toiletries.  There are community bathrooms in the residence halls, so keep that in mind as you pack.  Casual attire is appropriate for Summer O – we want you to be comfortable!  Sometimes the residence halls can be a bit chilly, so you might want to bring an extra blanket or sweatshirt.

Unfortunately, we are only able to house new Furman students during Summer Orientation, so parents, family members, or other guests accompanying you will need to make accommodations at a local hotel.  (For a list of hotels in the area, click here.)  Again, casual attire is encouraged.

Please let me know if you have any questions as you prepare for Summer O!  Remember, the New Students Website has many helpful tips and information to assist you, including copies of the New Student and Parent & Family orientation schedules.

Health History & Immunization Records

If you have not already done so, it is time to get your medical and immunization history to us!  Log into the Furman Patient Portal using your Furman username and password.  Please follow the detailed instructions for required immunizations, health history forms, and insurance information.

The due date to complete this information is July 8.  If you need assistance, please visit the Student Health Services website or contact them at 864-294-2180.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadline!

We hope that your long Memorial Day weekend was filled with fun, sun, family, and friends!  Now, as we look toward the rest of the summer and your eventual arrival on campus, we want you to take note of some EXTREMELY important deadlines that will be coming up over the next week or so.  You can, of course, find all this information on the New Students Checklists, located on the New Students website, but just in case, here goes:

  1. Register for Summer Orientation. Please note that Sessions #1 (June 15-16) and #3 (June 20-21) are already full, but there is plenty of room in the other three sessions!  (Deadline: May 29)


  1. This is your last chance to complete the New Student Survey so we are better able to make plans for activities and academic advising once you arrive on campus. (Deadline: June 1)


  1. Complete your First Year Seminar selections. For additional information and instructions, view our online tutorial.  Remember, you only need to complete your First Year Seminar selections.  Do not continue through your Initial Course Election, as this will happen during Summer Orientation.  (Deadline: June 12)


  1. Take your Spanish, French, or German Language Placement Test or your Latin Placement Test. (Deadline: June 12)


  1. Register for Campus Housing and complete your Roommate Request which is critical in making your residence hall assignment. (Deadline: June 12)


  1. Don’t forget to consider Engaged Living: The First Year Experience, a unique way to live together, get connected to faculty, and have fun while getting connected to life at Furman! If you apply for the Engaged Living program, you do still need to complete your Housing Request, which was referenced above.  (Priority deadline: June 19)


If you have already completed these items, great!  And thank you!  Otherwise, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as you complete these tasks and prepare to begin life at Furman this fall!

Time to select your First Year Seminars!

One of the key things you will do to prep yourself for Summer Orientation is to select some first year seminars you are interested in exploring next year. Navigate through our online tutorial to learn more about this process.  Once you have indicated your preference in first year seminars, you can stop for now.  No need to continue through Initial Course Election (ICE), as this is what you will do during Summer Orientation with the guidance of your summer advising counselor.

Please select your seminars prior to arriving for your Summer O session, as this will make it much easier for us to know what you are interested in when you sit down and talk to an advisor.  Deadline for selecting your seminars is June 12.

You will also need to complete your language placement exam prior to attending Summer O.  If you have studied French, German or Spanish before, speak one of these languages at home, or have lived for an extended period in a country where one of these languages is spoken, take our online language placement test.  If you’ve studied Latin in the past, please be sure to complete our test specifically designed for that language.  Placement exams for other languages, such as Chinese or Japanese, may be completed during Fall Orientation.

Remember, there is no need to take a placement test in a language you have not previously studied or do not speak at home.  Be sure to take the placement test in each language you have studied, though, even if you do not currently plan to study that language at Furman.  Each test will only require a few minutes of your time.  It is important to give it your best effort, otherwise you may not be able to take your first priority choice in the foreign languages we offer.

The password for accessing these tests was included with the IT credentials and account information you received in the mail.  If you need assistance with the password (or accessing your account information), please contact the IT Service Center at 864-294-3277 or  Language placement tests should also be completed by June 12.

Just a few additional reminders for you:

Check the New Students website frequently for additional information and to stay updated on all you need to know about becoming a Furman student!

Campus Housing

Now that you have confirmed Furman is the place for you, we need to get to work preparing for your arrival- the first step is your on campus housing assignment!

Complete and submit your Housing Assignment Request.

Housing assignment requests must be submitted no later than June 12.  Specific residence hall requests will be considered through a lottery process, so it is not necessary to rush to submit your request.  If you re-submit your request, the most recent submission will be considered. Assignments will be available mid-July and students will receive instructions via email at that time regarding how to check their room assignment.

Learn together. Live together. Succeed together.

Engaged Living: The First-Year Experience provides you with an easy transition into your first year of college life by giving you immediate academic support and a sense of camaraderie. Our living and learning community is one of the best ways to enhance your education and become one of the most successful and involved students on campus.  You will:

  • live with other Engaged Living students in your residence hall;
  • take a class or two together and work closely with faculty and classmates who share your interest in a particular topic;
  • develop your leadership and teamwork skills through a variety of social activities and Furman traditions;
  • make friends and colleagues who will support you through your four year experience at Furman.

Select from one of five different academic programs all taught by Furman faculty. Build close relationships with dedicated faculty and staff that are there to help you feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported, ensuring that you grow as a student and as a citizen of the world. Be a part of longstanding Furman traditions which ensure that your first-year experience will be rewarding and fun!

Make sure to submit your interest in Engaged Living by the priority deadline of June 19. Visit the Engaged Living website for more information.

Know your way around social networking sites. 

Social networking has emerged as a wonderful way for our incoming students to meet each other before they ever arrive to campus in the fall.  Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are utilized by a significant number of Furman students.  Please take the time to make sure your social networking profiles positively and accurately represent you, your family and your new Furman family.  Remember, the first impression your roommate may have of you is what he or she observes on a social networking site.

You may also want to check out the Housing & Residence Life website for new students, highlighting some more important details for you.  And, as always, use the New Students website to guide you on all those things you need to be properly prepared for your arrival in the fall!

Complete your New Student Survey!

Complete your New Student Survey!

Your academic success begins with the assignment of an academic advisor who will get to know your interests and educational goals and will work with you to offer advice regarding course selection and your intended degree.

To assist our matching you with an outstanding academic advisor, take a moment to tell us about yourself by completing the New Student Survey. The Assistant Academic Dean for Advising will use the results of this survey, background information and academic data to assign you an initial advisor who may share some common interests or experiences with you. Your advisor will be a member of the Furman faculty or administration. In order to access the survey, you will need to use your Furman ID number and IT credentials for survey validation that were mailed to you earlier this week.  We ask that you complete the survey by June 1.


Register for Summer Orientation!

Just a reminder – if you haven’t already registered for a Summer Orientation session, please do so soon!  The main purpose of “Summer O” is to give you an intense overview of academics at Furman, and then allow you to work with a summer advising counselor to enter your fall class choices.  Along the way, you will meet new friends, make campus connections, and have some FUN!

Also occurring during Summer Orientation is our Parent and Family Orientation; registration for a Summer Orientation session includes one family member or guest. Additional family members or guests can attend for a nominal fee.  During the time that students are attending their sessions, family members and other guests will be learning about important issues that affect both new students and their families.

Because we do not assign class schedules until a majority of the class has entered their choices, there is no advantage to attending an earlier session (or disadvantage to attending a later session).  Space is limited within each session, though, so don’t wait to register! (Please note: the June 15-16 orientation session is full.)

Don’t forget to check the New Students Website frequently for updates and new information to help you prepare for your first year at Furman.  Feel free to send any questions our way via email,

Welcome Furman Class of 2019!

Welcome Class of 2019 and congratulations on becoming a part of the Furman Paladin family!  We are so excited that you will be joining us at Furman this fall, and hope that you are eager to get started.

We hope that you have already had a chance to visit the New Students website,  The New Students website is the place to go for all things related to the beginning of your Furman experience.  We designed this site so you would have one central place to find answers to the questions you might have about what to expect when you arrive on campus.  The key to this site is the New Student Checklist, where you have a chronological listing of the important deadlines and submissions that you must complete before you arrive in the fall.  Complete all these items and you are ready to start your Furman career!

You will begin receiving weekly emails that will supplement the content you can find on the New Students website.  The messages are intended to draw your attention to a wide variety of opportunities available for incoming students.  They will also provide detail for a number of tasks you must complete before you arrive on campus, such as your housing assignment request and submission of immunization records.  We want to make sure that, along the way, you are fully informed about how to get involved in anything and everything FURMAN.

You will also be receiving two items via postal mail in the next few days.  The first will be a packet with information about various programs, including some information for your parents/family.  The second will be your IT credentials, which will allow you to access the Furman network, your Furman email, and MyFurman.  Once you have this information, you can begin completing a number of items on the New Student Checklist, including completing the New Student Survey and your Language Placement exams.

One VERY IMPORTANT reminder:   If you have not already, be sure to register for a Summer Orientation session; dates are filling up quickly, and we want you to be able to attend the session you want.  Deadline for registration is Friday, May 29.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the other summer experiences available to new students, including the Summer Connections program and the Paladin Outdoor Program.

We look forward to meeting you very soon! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at so we can get those answered!