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Poetry Reading CLP

Rosko’s work is formally innovative and thematically relevant to life in 2019 America. Her newest poetry collection, Weather Inventions, captures an enduring sense of wonder in the face of nature alongside the scientific impulse to observe and measure. Rosko will join us from Charleston, where she is Associate Professor and M.F.A. Director at the College […]

Add a leaf to the poet tree!

April is National Poetry Month and this year we are celebrating by growing a poet tree in the Blackwell Atrium of the James B. Duke Library. Write a poem, haiku, or a line from one of your favorite poems on a leaf and hang it on the poet tree. A selection of poetry books are […]

Poetry Creation Station

April is National Poetry Month, and the James B. Duke Library is encouraging you to discover your inner poet.¬† We have set up a Poetry Creation Station using a magnetic white board and inspiring words. ¬†Express yourself!