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Digicenter Collaborates with Peter Wexler

Peter Wexler, the famous New York theatre designer, producer, painter, sculptor, and photographer, is visiting Furman University Library this week as part of a collaboration with the Digicenter to develop the Peter Wexler Digital Museum. This ambitious large-scale project will involve the digitization of Mr. Wexler’s professional art and design work which is currently on-loan […]

ARTstor Adds Guggenheim

Guggenheim interiorcc licensed Wikipedia photo The ARTstor Digital Library is collaborating with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation to share approximately 7,000 images of major artworks, exhibition installation views, and architecture.  There will be 1,000 images of objects from the Guggenheim Museum’s permanent collection, which is known for its superb holdings in modern and contemporary art […]

Furman’s Art Mystery

 Several weeks ago, international art historian Hugh Belsey visited Furman to examine a painting in White Oaks and give a CLP guest lecture.  In case you missed the lecture, you can watch it now from the Decorative & Fine Arts Committee’s website: It was a wonderful lecture with an exciting conclusion for Furman!

Furman’s Art Mystery (CLP)

A Gainsborough at White Oaks? Furman’s Art Mystery CLP Lecture by Hugh BelseyIn 1975, Charles and Homozel Daniel purchased Portrait of Lady Impey from an auction house in New York City. They were told it was painted by the renowned 18th-century English portraitist Thomas Gainsborough. The Daniels bequeathed the painting to Furman and it was […]

The Macabre from ARTstor

Halloween and Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) are coming. Find out what these two celebrations have in common, and celebrate the season with thousands of suitably macabre images from the ARTstor Digital Library. Check

1st Place Winner of Library Art Contest

Lindsay Appleby knows just how to get past the stress of midterms: think of the reward ahead in Spring Break! Thanks to everyone who participated in our “reduce the stress of midterms through art” contest and hope your Spring break was everything you wanted it to be!

Library Art Contest, 2nd Place

All of us have different reactions to stress. Some feel anxious or scared, others want to eat, or just be really grumpy! Our second place “reduce stress through art” contest winner, Kelly, lets us know how she feels during midterms:

Library Art Contest, 3rd place

The library recently held a “reduce midterm stress through art” contest. The Circulation staff (Caroline, Jimmy & Robyn) had the difficult task of chosing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Fortunately, everyone was a winner who used crayons and creativity to deal with the strain of midterms! Today we present our third place work, by […]

Art Therapy in the Library

Need Images?

Are you working on a project that requires images? Here are some resources you may find helpful: ARTstor is a database to which the library subscribes with approximately 500,000 images covering art, architecture and archeology. AP Multimedia Archive is another library database that contains over 700,000 Associated Press photos that go back to 1840 but […]