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Southern Librarian Scholarship Recipients

Furman University Libraries is proud to announce the 2017 recipients of the Ethel Carlisle Southern Scholarship for Library Science.

Established in 1985, the Ethel Carlisle Southern Librarian Scholarship is named for the wife of Furman Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, J. Albert Southern. It was established by Professor Southern and their children, Janet Huskey and John Southern.

Mrs. Southern received her B.A. degree from Greenville Woman’s College in 1927 and an M.S. in Library Science from Pratt School of Library Science in New York. She worked at a number of libraries including the New York Public Library, Samford University, Greenville Woman’s College and Furman. She also served as an elementary school librarian for the Greenville County School District.

The scholarship award is given annually to Furman rising or graduating seniors who anticipate becoming a librarian or Furman graduates who have been accepted into an American Library Association accredited graduate program.

  Sara DeSantis – Class of 2017, Major: Philosophy and Political Science; interned at the JBD Library in Summer 2016; has worked at the JBD Library reference desk since fall, 2016; member of LSAG, Library Committee, and Coffee Concept Committee

  Laura Paige Penkert – Class of 2017, Major: Health Sciences, Minor: Medicine, Health, and Culture; member of the LSAG

  Caitlin Russell – Class of 2015, Major: Communication Studies and Religion, Minor: Ancient Greek and Roman Studies; worked for three years as a Circulation student assistant

  Leslie Yarborough – Class of 2012, Major: German; currently working at USC’s McKissick Museum

Take a #bookface study break!

Take a study break with our bookface photo challenge! 

  1. Strategically line up your face or another body part alongside a book cover.
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. Post your photos to social media and tag them with @fu_libraries, #lovemyFUL, and #bookface 


Up All Night in the Science Library!

Anytime is the right time to study in the Sanders Science Library during finals week. We’ll be open all night before exam days, so come on over when you need that perfect place to review for exams or finish up term papers. And, as always, the snack fairy arrives at midnight!

Sanders Science Library Exam Week Hours:
Wed, April 26   8:30 am – Midnight
Thu, April 27   OPEN 24 HOURS
Fri, April 28   Midnight-5:00 pm
Sat, April 29   10:30 am – 7:30 pm
Sun, April 30   1:00 pm – Midnight
Mon, May 1   OPEN 24 HOURS
Tue, May 2    OPEN 24 HOURS
Wed, May 3   Midnight – 4:30 pm


DinsDay in the Library

Furman Library benefactor, Charlie Peace, celebrates #DinsDay with library faculty and staff.

Pop-up Study Tables and Unplug & Recharge Zone

As we all know, during exams it’s on and poppin’ in the library and study space is at a premium.  This year we will provide additional study space with Pop-Up Study Tables on the lower level and entry level of the James B. Duke Library.

The library is also providing an Unplug & Recharge Zone for when you need a study break during exams. The Unplug & Recharge Zone will be in the James B. Duke Library, lower level, Room 043.

  • relax on the giant bean bags
  • express yourself by drawing on the dry erase walls
  • use the meditation cushions to get your zen on
  • write on the “Wall of Affirmations”
  • relieve some stress by popping Stress Relief Capsules (bubble wrap)
  • unwind by coloring a mandala or an ugly holiday sweater

giant bean bags and meditation cushions

relax while coloring a mandala or ugly holiday sweater

stress relief capsules

humorous messages on the Wall of Affirmations

uplifting message on the Wall of Affirmations

humorous message on the Wall of Affirmations

we love student feedback about the Unplug and Recharge Zone

more student feedback

pop-up study table

JBD Spring Exam Hours

To help you get through final exams, the James B. Duke Library has extended its hours. More hours to take power naps under study room tables and in the comfy chairs!

catching a nap under a study room table

sleeping in the comfy chairs

power napping!

Dr. Desmond’s Book

Evicted: Poverty & Profit in the American City

The Furman Sociology Department sponsored a lecture by Matthew Desmond (PhD, Harvard) on April 19. Dr. Desmond discussed his book Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. Desmond’s research addresses the significant challenges faced by low income families in urban areas simply trying to find a place to live. His in-depth qualitative research reveals the difficulties that current policies place on these families, which makes simply staying afloat, much less escaping poverty, a near impossibility.

Borrow Dr. Desmond’s book from the Furman University Libraries. If our copy is checked out, you can always request a copy thru PASCAL or InterLibrary Loan.

Library book give-away!

The James B. Duke Library  is holding a book give-away featuring books on a wide variety of topics. There is also a large selection of music books and scores. The give-away is Tuesday, April 18 through Friday, April 21 in the Blackwell Atrium on the ground floor. First come, first-served. If you have any questions, call or email Nancy Sloan, Cataloger, 294-2917 or nancy.sloan@furman.

Films on Demand

You know that the Libraries gives our campus access to streaming documentaries and films, right?

You know that you can watch them in class or on your computer, your iPad, or your phone, right?

You know that you can embed clips of them into Power Points or into Moodle, right?

You know that you can find them at Films on Demand, which is one of our databases, right?

You know that you can also find every title in our Library Catalog, too, right? By subject, too, right?

We thought so!

But did you know Films on Demand adds hundreds of new films each month? Would you like to look at some of the titles of the newest ones? We think you’ll find something you can use for a presentation, or that will supplement something you’re learning in class, or that you can watch while waiting for your laundry to dry. Enjoy!