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This week is National Library Week, and originally the American Library Association had picked “Find Your Place At the Library” as the theme. They had to make a quick pivot when most libraries across the world shut down for COVID-19, including the Furman Libraries. Now we are celebrating the theme as “Find the Library At Your Place.” If you love libraries so much that you’d like to brand your own social media, you can find downloadable files on ALA’s website.

The libraries have continued supporting you by offering services remotely. We know that you miss the actual spaces that you use for study, socializing, and research. So we put together some Zoom backgrounds just in time for the last week of classes and final exams week to celebrate National Library Week at your place.

Ms. Libby Young and Ms. Paige Dhyne model only two of several backgrounds that are available, with or without the logo. All may be accessed here.