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Navratri: September 21– September 30, 2017
by Krissa Stewart, Library Intern, Summer 2017

Navratri is a nine day Hindu festival celebrated in the fall of each year. In the eastern and north eastern states of India, Navratri is synonymous with Durga Puja, when the warrior goddess Durga battled a buffalo demon to help restore dharma. In the northern and western states, it is synonymous with Rama Lila, the celebration of the god Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana. Despite these regional differences, Navratri celebrations always maintain the basic theme of the triumph of good over evil.

Navratri is celebrated differently depending on the region of India one is in. Some people feast, other fast. Other forms of celebration include, folk dances, plays, parades, the making of temporary shrines, singing of traditional songs, prayers, teaching children to read and write, food offerings, and animal sacrifices.