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In December of 1771 the final version of 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States was adopted. The Bill of Rights, as the first ten amendments are known, is our most important document for balancing the rights of individual citizens and the government. The Bill of Rights has endured through many tests during those 225 years. It shapes the way Americans view our own freedom as well as inspires others  around the world who seek individual liberty and democracy.

Each generation must recommit to the values presented in the Bill of Rights and interpret them against the issues of the day. But in order to do this, each American generation must learn about and understand the Bill of Rights. Can you list the rights safeguarded in these amendments? Do you know some of the landmark cases when these rights have been put to the test?

Come in and see the  National Archives display Celebrating the the Bill of Rights and see some of the many books we have that touch on the Bill of Rights in action!

Display from the National Archives and made possible by  South Carolina Humanities.


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