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Last month, ARTstor expanded their Digital Library by adding 51,000 new images from 15 contributors.  The contributors include:

If none of these collections interest you, there are over 500,000 other images to browse in ARTstor.  For instance, here are a few of Milton Rogovin’s social documentary photographs which can be found in ARTstor.  A photographer and political activist, Milton Rogovin (b. 1909) is best known for his portraits of the poor and working class and his depictions of their lives, communities, and working conditions.

Black woman with yarn at machine in factory.  Cuba.  1984-1989

Children waiting for bookmobile.  Appalachia series.  1962-1987

Two white men with black woman between them.  Lower West Side Series.  1973

Woman selling iguanas.  Early Mexico series.  1953-1961