eBooks: Student Use and Satisfaction

Furman University Libraries started intentionally buying eBooks for our collection in 2001. From 2001-2013, Furman students used our eBooks only a few hundred times a year. In the fall of 2013, PASCAL, the South Carolina academic library consortium, purchased a collection of over 100,000 new eBooks to be shared by SC college and university students. These were added to our library catalog. Around the same time, the Furman Libraries expanded our general eBook collection from 12,000 titles to over 65,000 titles covering dozens of different subjects, including fiction.

With this increase in our ebook collection use exploded! In the 2013-2014 school year Furman students, faculty and staff used our eBooks more than 6,500 individual times.

eBook use

Along with this measured increase in use, students’ attitude toward eBooks and their usefulness may have reached a tipping point. In both 2012 and 2014 the Furman University Libraries administered the MISO survey to students. Three of the questions on this survey measured frequency of use, value and satisfaction with eBooks.

Students were asked “Over the course of a semester, on average how often do you use the following services –library eBook collections?” Frequency was measured on a five-point scale with 1 being “never” and 5 being “more than three times a week.”

Student Usage

In 2014 students reported a more frequent use of eBooks (m=2.04) than they did in 2012 (m=1.88). This reported increase in ebook use corroborates our usage counts above. According to the same survey, the importance students place on eBooks and their satisfaction with those offerings has also increased.

Easter Break Hours

April 2
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
April 3
April 4
April 5
April 6
10:00 am – 1:00 am


A colorful Easter Festival in Old Town Square, Prague.

As Americans prepare for Easter with egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and the ubiquitous marshmallow chicks, other countries around the world are engaging in their own individual Eastertide celebrations.  One of the more unique Easter traditions can be found in the Furman University digital collection “Czech Republic & Central Europe.”  This digital collection contains photographs from Furman education professor, Michael Svec, taken during his visit to central Europe in Spring 2005.  His photographs capture the cultural, historical, and scenic aspects of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Lithuania, and Poland.  Among the many interesting items in the digital collection are a group of photos related to Easter celebrations in Prague.

Light Your FUSE!

The Furman University Scholar Exchange (FUSE) is an open access collection of scholarly, research, and creative works produced by faculty, students, staff, and other members of the Furman community. FUSE is administered by the Furman University Libraries in cooperation with individual departments and academic units of the University. FUSE collects the varied and diverse scholarly and research output of Furman University in one digital space, enabling the University to effectively promote and exchange the ideas produced by Furman scholars. Scholars interested in contributing to FUSE may contact their Library liaison or the FUSE administrators at scholarexchange@furman.edu.

Most Recent Additions to FUSE:

A Comparative Map of Seasonal Home Ranges of Pumas by Sex
Jordan Ellington

Pre-K Access in Greenville, SC
Tyler Peoples

Analyzing Drone Footage to Assess Necessary Streetlight Placement: Where in New Washington Heights and Poe Mill are Streetlights Most Necessary?
Savannah Jennings and Billy Tutt

Farmers Markets in Urban US Counties: The Relationship Between Income, Obesity, and Access
Mia El-Hamaki

Wing and Fin Outfitters: Using GIS to Determine the Ideal Location for a Tackle Shop in Charleston, SC
Matt Giordano

Spartanburg Humane Society Data Analysis: Hotspots and Resource Management
Leigh Robertson

Choosing Not to Cheat: A Framework to Assess Students’ Rationales for Abiding by Academic Integrity Policies
Ken H. Kolb, Kyle C. Longest, and Alexa J. Singer

Treatment of Mentally Ill Defendants and Prisoners
Carmela Epright

Medical-Legal Partnerships and the Furman University Poverty Studies Program
David Gandolfo

Value-Based Healthcare Through Care Coordination and Clinical Integration
Angelo Sinopoli and Jennifer Snow

Public Health Lessons from Cuba
Kristy Maher

Live Well Greenville: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice
Alicia Powers

What Is It Like to Live in a Food Desert?
Ken Kolb

Population Health Summit
Eli Hestermann

Neo-Pentecostalism in Black Africa
Brian Siegel


Work Smart Workshop

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by lipár

Work Smart Workshop: Digital Media Resources

Friday, March 27 @ 3:30 pm – 4:20 pm
James B. Duke Library, Room 043

Looking for new ways to engage your students with your class material? Looking for images or video to add to a presentation?  Consider adding media. The libraries provide access to an impressive number of digital media sources. You can find images for presentations in ArtStor, audio for in-class examples in Smithsonian Global Sound, primary sources through the Furman Digital Collections, and videos for homework in Films on Demand. In this exploratory session, we will highlight these and other exciting sources for images, music, and film, with tips for incorporating the media into your teaching. Select one session to attend. Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome to attend. No RSVP required. Please see the full list of workshops for more information.

Dessert Celebration!

With its recent ranking of STARS Gold status by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Furman joins an elite group of 37 universities, and only 3 others in the Southeastern U.S., who have been so recognized for the strength and breadth of their campus-wide implementation of sustainability.

We are proud to celebrate this university accomplishment during Furman’s Earth Week programming, and welcome you to join us for dessert on Tuesday the 24th to learn more about successful initiatives in their campus divisions. Event starts at 12:30 p.m. with special remarks by President Davis at 12:45 p.m.

dessert celebration

Keurig Coffee Kiosk

Bring your coffee cup to the James B. Duke Library for a hot, fresh, delicious cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. The new Keurig coffee kiosk has been installed in the 24-hour study room! For $1 you can purchase a K-Cup from the vending machine or save money by bringing your own! The Keurig brewer provides free hot water at the touch of a button, 24/7. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we encourage you to use your own reusable cups and mugs.  The machine’s drip tray can be removed to accommodate larger travel-sized mugs. Be sure to drop your used K-Cup into the recycling box next to the station, so that we can help reduce waste. For those times when you forget your mug, the coffee station will be stocked with coffee cups, as well as stirrers, lids, creamer, and sugar. A big thank you goes to the Resident Life Council (RLC) for proposing the installation of a Keurig machine. And thanks to the Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) for helping implement this idea.

Coffee KioskKeurig Coffee Kiosk

Music Library Closed 10am-2pm, March 19th

The Maxwell Music Library will be closed today, Thursday, March 19th from 10AM – 2PM for Inauguration events.Music_Library_018

The James B. Duke and Sanders Science Libraries will remain opened.


CLP Byron HurtFilmography  Byron Hurt, award-winning documentary filmmaker, a published writer, and an anti-sexist activist. His most recent documentary, Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. In addition, Hurt has also written, directed, and produced Soul Food Junkies, a journey into the culture of Southern soul food while studying the potential problems that come along with this type of food. Barack and Curtis, is a short documentary film examining the difference between the “manhood” of then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, and Rapper/Mogul Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. In Development: Hazing: How Badly Do You Want In? will be a 60-minute documentary film that will explore why the controversial practice of hazing continues as a rite of passage in Greek organizations.

Social Activism  As an activist, Byron has served as a long-time gender violence prevention educator. The former Northeastern University football quarterback was also a founding member of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program. Hurt is also the former Associate Director of the first gender violence prevention program in the United States Marine Corps.

Sponsored by: Humanities Development Fund, Division of Student Life, Student League for Black Culture, Furman University Libraries

Contacts: Dr. Cynthia King, Department of Communication Studies and Laura Baker, Furman Libraries

Travels of Robert Tucker

Dr. Robert Tucker worked as the university librarian at Furman University from 1947 to 1978.  Robert and and his wife Azile traveled extensively both before and after his retirement, amassing a collection of materials from North and South America, Europe, and Asia that form the Travels of Robert Tucker Collection.

Dr. Robert Tucker was born in Senatobia, Mississippi on October 16, 1915. He earned Bachelor’s degrees in History and Library Science from Louisiana State University in 1936 and 1937, a Master’s degree in History at LSU in 1942, and a Ph.D. in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1958. He served with the Army Air Corps in Ireland for three years during World War II, and served as the executive librarian with the 24th Army Corps for a year during the Korean War. He was married to Mary Kent Seagle from 1966 until her death in 1972, and to Azile Chastain from 1973 until her death in 2008.

His tenure at the university witnessed the move from the old downtown campus to the current location, and into a new library far better-suited to handle the demands of the collection. He expanded the South Carolina Baptist Collection, helping to make Furman an important destination for anyone researching the history of the Baptists in South Carolina. He also helped to make Special Collections a distinct department of the library, insisting that space be included for Special Collections in the plans for the new library, and convincing Dr. Plyler and Dr. Sims to fund a single part-time employee for the department.

The Travels of Robert Tucker Collection includes 2,700 photographs.

View of Robert Tucker on a camel in Giza, Egypt.

A panoramic view of Cuzco, Peru.

Chakri Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.

Chakri Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.

Exterior view of the Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey.

Exterior view of the Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey.

View of the Stift Melk Library in Melk, Austria.

View of the Stift Melk Library in Melk, Austria.

Looking directly across the Bagmati River at Pashupatinath Temple in Baneshwar, Nepal.

Looking directly across the Bagmati River at Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

An inside view of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

An inside view of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

View of Eichelsbacher Bridge in Bavaria, Germany.

View of Queen Mary’s Bridge in Bavaria, Germany.

All photos courtesy of the Digital Collections Center and Special Collections and Archives.