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    Redirecting your email to another account

    If you like to receive a copy of all emails in another account, such as a Gmail account, this video demonstrates how to redirect your email.  You will still receive the original in its original location (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc) but a copy will be sent to your other account.  This applies to Windows and […]

    Office 365 Setup Mac Mail in Mac OS

    If you would like to use Mac Mail to access your Furman email, this video shows you how to add your account.


    Adding account if Outlook 2011 is already setup in Mac OS

    If you are already using Outlook for calendar functions or another email account and you want to either:

    1.  Add an additional email account to Outlook

    2. Setup your first email account in Outlook

    … this video applies to you.

    existing mac account

    First time use of Outlook 2011 in Mac OS

    If this is the first time you have launched Outlook 2011 on a Mac, this video shows you how to configure your new email account.


    Import PST to Outlook 2011 (Mac)

    As we transition campus wide email systems, many users will wish to restore a backed up copy of their FirstClass email to Outlook.  This video demonstrates how you can open or import your FirstClass email that was saved as a PST file after you have configured Outlook on your computer.


    Installing updates for Mac OS

    This video demonstrates how to install updates for Mac OS.


    Installing McAfee for students using Mac OS

    This video demonstrates how to download and install McAfee for student computers.