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Have you heard about Heartbleed yet?  It’s a security flaw discovered earlier this week that affected a large portion of the Internet. Any site that uses OpenSSL software for secure web traffic may have been affected.  It’s not clear whether any information was compromised, but security experts recommend you change your passwords for any sites that may been affected by Heartbeat.

The good news is that most Furman web services were not affected. Those that were are now patched. All services through the MyFurman portal’s single sign-on were not affected. You should change your password if you logged into any of these sites directly (rather than through MyFurman):


To change your password please use the password station, or contact the IT Service Center for hep.

Many high-traffic web services were also affected. If you used any of these services, you should change your password.

For more information on other popular websites, visit (Table adapted from Mashable.)

If you have any questions or concerns about Heartbleed, please contact the IT Service Center.



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