The Furman IT Service Center recently received a number of reports of an email indicating Furman’s email system was updated. This is NOT a legitimate message. It is a phishing attempt designed to capture your user ID and password information.  The email uses a number of items (University logo, text indicating the site we use for email, etc.) which make it appear legitimate, but resting your mouse over one of the links will show the link does not go to a Furman site.

Questions or concerns about this email message, or any suspicious message, should be directed to the Furman IT Service Center at (864) 294-3277. Thanks for being aware of the need to protect your information security.


Fred Miller says:

Furman’s password reset station is called “FUpass”. Once you’ve enrolled in FUpass you can use that system to reset your Furman password.

Fred Miller says:

Please remember: Furman will never ask you to send your ID or password via email. Always look to be sure is in the URL of a Furman web page.

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