Furman University has an easy way for you to reset your password: it is the Password Station password reset system. This system lets you reset your network password, and works with your web browser. Your NetID and password are used for most campus electronic services including Office365, Moodle, Engage, and MyFurman (i.e., ARMS and WebAdvisor.)

To use the Password Station you must first enroll in the system. When you enroll you will be asked to select three challenge questions (and answers.) If you forget your password, you will be able to reset your password by correctly answering your challenge questions.

In addition to letting you reset your password over the web, the Password Station will also send you email notices when your password is about to expire.

If you have questions about the Password Station, please contact the IT Service Center for assistance.
phone: (864) 294-3277
email:  service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu


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