Fall IT Newsletter

IT Newsletter – October 2015

IT Newsletter - October 2015 rev

Phishing Warning

An attempt to use email to trick you into revealing personal information is called phishing. Phishing is one way criminals gather information for identity theft. Despite our campus spam filter catching many such phishing attempts, members of the Furman community continue to report receiving messages asking them to reveal their ID and password. Such messages are NOT from Furman’s Information Technology Services department, and are not legitimate. IT Services staff will never send an email asking for your password, and you should never send a password via email.

If you have a question about whether an email is legitimate, please contact the IT Service Center for assistance.

phone: (864) 294-3277

email: service.center@furman.edu

web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Game Consoles on the Network

Trying to connect your game console (wii, xbox, playstation, etc.) to the campus network? You will need to register your gaming device with the Network Access Control system.


If you have any questions about connecting your game console, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Office Professional Plus – Free!

Did you know that Furman students, faculty, and staff can install the latest version of the Office Professional Plus suite as a part of the University’s licensing agreement with Microsoft? It offers the full version of Office, free of charge, for the time the student, faculty, or staff member is at Furman. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the ITS Self Help Wiki for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

If you have any questions about installing Office Professional Plus, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Welcome Back – IT Newsletter

Welcome Back – IT Newsletter PDF

Welcome Back - IT Newsletter

ITS Annual Report 2015

The 2015 Information Technology Services annual report is now available as a pdf download from the ITS Reports page on the ITS website. The annual report reviews service objectives, accomplishments for 2014-2015, and goals for the upcoming academic year.

Our thanks to everyone who works to help improve information technology services at Furman.

Multi-function Copier Update

IT Services will be working with Sharp to begin replacing campus copy machines in May. Mike Gifford, Director of the IT Service Center, has met with each department on campus to discuss the updates. The installation schedule will be distributed to each department during the week of April 27th.

The new devices will require faculty and staff to login with their Furman ID card, ID #, or network username and password to access the panel for copying or scanning. There are 3 reasons for logging into the devices. The first reason is to provide more accurate reporting of print usage on campus which can be used to enhance our sustainability initiatives on campus. A second reason to login is to provide the capability to scan-to-email sending any scans directly to your Inbox or even sent to someone else. A third reason to login will allow us to setup a secure print queue which will hold a print job at the copier until you login and release it for printing.  Training classes will be offered during the installation and later in the summer.

If you have any questions about the new copier update, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Lightboard @ the Blended Learning Studio

We are pleased to announce that Furman now has a Lightboard! What’s a light board? It’s a new way for faculty to create short video lectures.

The Lightboard idea was originally developed by Northwestern University. Furman’s Lightboard was built through a partnership between ITS, Facilities Services, the Library, and the Center for Teaching and Research.

We’re calling the Furman’s Lightboard room the “Blended Learning Studio”. It is located in Duke Library Room 001; next to the main entrance of the Writing and Media Lab.  For more information about the lightboard, please contact the IT Service Center.


phone: (864) 294-3277

email:  service.center at furman.edu

web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Changes to MyFurman

MyFurman is getting a facelift which will go live on March 7.  The services and functionality remain the same but the front page is refreshed for easier navigation with an updated design.

If you want a preview, check out the video posted on Campus Announcements or join us for a live session in room 042, lower level of the library at one of the following sessions:

March 4, 2015
March 5, 2015
March 16, 2015
March 18, 2015
March 20, 2015

If you have questions, please call the Service Center at 3277 or email service.center@furman.edu.

Warning: University Cyber-Scams


The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is aware of multiple scams targeting universities, university employees, and students across the nation. The scams range from Internet fraud to intrusions. The following are common scenarios:

  • Spear phishing e-mails are being sent to university employees that appear to be from their employer. The e-mail contains a link and claims some type of issue has risen requiring them to enter their log-in credentials. Once employees provide their user name and password, the perpetrator accesses the university’s computer system to redirect the employees’ banking information to another bank account. The university employees’ banking allocations are being deposited into students’ accounts. These students were hired through online advertisements for work-at-home jobs, and provided their bank account information to the perpetrators to receive payment for the work they performed.
  • Scammers are posting online advertisements soliciting college students for administrative positions in which they would receive checks via the mail or e-mail. Students are directed to deposit the checks into their accounts, and then print checks and/or wire money to an individual. Students are never asked to provide their bank account information to the perpetrators.
  • Perpetrators are compromising students’ credential resulting in the rerouting of their reimbursement money to other bank accounts. The reimbursement money is from student loans and used to pay tuition, books, and living expenses.
  • Perpetrators are obtaining professors’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and using it to file fraudulent income tax returns.

If you have been a victim of one of these scams or any other Internet related scam, we encourage you to file a complaint with the IC3 at http://www.ic3.gov and notify your university police.