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Installation Instructions for Jamf Pro

ITS is currently working on a project to implement a comprehensive management system for our Apple environment using Jamf Pro.  With Jamf Pro, ITS can proactively manage the entire lifecycle of Apple devices.  This includes deploying and maintaining software, responding to security threats, distributing settings, and analyzing inventory data.  Do you need some software installed?  Jamf Pro will have a self-service web site to allow you to select a piece of software to install.

The first step to implementing Jamf Pro is the installation of a small management client on your Mac.  In order to alleviate some of the phishing concerns an email like this might create, ITS has put the instructions for installing the client on the IT Self Help site at the following location:


If you have any questions or concerns about the Jamf Pro client, please contact the ITS Service Center x3277 or

Do you have a backup plan?

The only way to protect yourself against valuable data loss is through regular backups. Ideally, important files should be backed up at minimum once a week, or every day, depending on how critical they are to you. This can be done manually, automatically, or using combination of the two methods. (Briefly review this 2017 backup awareness survey to see how often most computer owners backup their data. Do you fall into the daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or never category?)

When it comes to backups, just like security, you want to find a balance of being thorough but efficient. We have all heard disastrous stories of losing homework due to the blue screen of death or a misplaced cell phone that tragically stored the only copy of family photos. In addition, you could fall victim to ransomware or another malicious attack that leaves you with no choice but to reimage your computer. It never hurts to consider your backup strategy and come up with a plan that leaves you feeling safe and secure. Here are some tips to get you started.