ITS Annual Report 2014

The 2014 Information Technology Services annual report is now available as a pdf download from the ITS Reports page on the ITS website. The annual report reviews service objectives, accomplishments for 2013-2014, and goals for the upcoming academic year.

Our thanks to everyone who works to help improve information technology services at Furman.

Summer Communications

Just because it’s a little quiet on campus now that it’s Summer doesn’t mean that ITS doesn’t want to keep you updated!

Be sure to follow our Twitter account, @furman_its and be on the look out for our campus newsletter which will be out when classes resume in the fall!


Cloud Storage and Collaboration: Making Furman a Better Place!

By now, you have probably heard of Box, Fuman’s cloud storage and collaboration tool available to all students, faculty, and staff.

It is clear that cloud storage and collaboration tools are going to be very present in the future of higher education and you could even say that Furman is ahead of the curve!

Box has been up at Furman for over a year and has contributed to our community in several ways.  Box has helped reduce printing on campus and allows our community to access important documents on any of their devices.

In 7 Things You Should Know About Cloud Storage and Collaboration , EDUCAUSE goes into detail about how some institutions like Furman have implemented cloud services and with new opportunities arising, the future looks bright for Furman’s cloud.

How have your experiences with Furman’s cloud services been so far?  ITS wants to know!  Feel free to reach out to the IT Service Center and be sure to follow us on twitter for the latest ITS news!

A Tip From ITS: Back Up Your Data on Box!

By now, you have probably heard of Box, the online storage and collaboration tool that any Furman faculty, staff, or student can use.  With finals quickly approaching, and big project deadlines looming near, ITS though it would be a good idea to inform everyone of a feature of Box that could help you save your data even if your hard drive becomes unusable.

Box is a great tool to use to back up your hard drive if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.  With 50GB of space, you’ve got plenty of room to back up your most important files on Box so all of your hard work isn’t in danger of going to waste–especially at an important time like the end of a semester!

If you have any questions about Box, feel free to visit the IT Services Box webpage or contact ITS, which is located in the lower level of the Duke Library.  You can also follow us on Twitter @furman_its!

Keeping Track of Your Apple Devices

With finals approaching, you may find yourself more dependent on constantly being able to access your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.  In order to avoid that moment of panic when you cant remember if you left your iPhone at your table in the library, or in your dorm, Apple has a simple solution for you!

Find my iPhone is a tool to help you keep track of your  Apple iPhones, iPad, and Mac!  Find my iPhone will show you a map of where your device is if you cant find it, can play a noise to help you locate it, and even allows you to remotely lock the device in the event that it may have gotten into the wrong hands.

Instructions on setting up your device for Find My iPhone can be found here:


As always, if you have questions or need help with any of your devices feel free to contact the IT service center in the lower level of the Duke library or even tweet us a question at @furman_its!

Heartbleed: What You Need to Know!

Have you heard about Heartbleed yet?  It’s a security flaw discovered earlier this week that affected a large portion of the Internet. Any site that uses OpenSSL software for secure web traffic may have been affected.  It’s not clear whether any information was compromised, but security experts recommend you change your passwords for any sites that may been affected by Heartbeat.

The good news is that most Furman web services were not affected. Those that were are now patched. All services through the MyFurman portal’s single sign-on were not affected. You should change your password if you logged into any of these sites directly (rather than through MyFurman):


To change your password please use the password station, or contact the IT Service Center for hep.

Many high-traffic web services were also affected. If you used any of these services, you should change your password.

For more information on other popular websites, visit (Table adapted from Mashable.)

If you have any questions or concerns about Heartbleed, please contact the IT Service Center.


An ITS Tip for Students

Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly in remediation?  Ever wondered how you could keep yourself out of remediation for the whole school year?  ITS has the answer for you!

Your computer will only get put in remediation if its software is out of date, so the answer is to regularly do your updates.  But, if you tend to be a little forgetful, ITS has another solution!

Follow @furman_its on twitter to receive update reminders.  We will tweet when we’re about to do a remediation scan, and you can get your updates done before you find yourself in remediation!


MyFurman Update

When you logged into MyFurman this week, you probably noticed something a little different…

ITS rolled out an update to the MyFurman website on March 8.  Changes include a new login screen, a more concise ARMS menu, and a separate “People Search” search bar that allows you to enter a name and pull up a member of the Furman community’s contact information instead of accessing the directory.

The email button also now recognizes that you’ve already logged in, and no longer needs you to enter your ID and password.

Questions about MyFurman?  Don’t hesitate to contact ITS at 2943277,, or on twitter @furman_its!

Happy Spring Break!

As you all prepare to embark on your Spring Break adventures, ITS would like to take this time to remind you to make sure that you do your updates when you return!  No need to end a nice week-long break in remediation!


Don’t forget to follow @furman_ITS on twitter for more tips!