2016 ITS Strategic Plan

The 2016 ITS Strategic Plan is now available in the MyFurman portal!

If you have any questions about the ITS Strategic Plan, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

2015 Information Technology Survey Results

The 2015 Information Technology Service Quality survey report is now available in the MyFurman portal. Our annual information technology survey helps us set information technology priorities, and measures progress toward several of the University’s information technology initiatives. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to take the survey!

IT Services Staffing Changes

Shirley Haines, IT Purchasing Coordinator, officially retired on December 31, 2015. However, she is continuing to work on a temporary basis until the new Purchasing Director position is filled. The IT Purchasing Coordinator position has been moved from IT Services to Finance and Administration and will report to the Purchasing Director. Please join us in congratulating Shirley!

Randy Dill, previously Director of Enterprise Systems, has been chosen to fill a new position within the department, Director – Project Management. Soren King, previously Database Administrator, has been chosen as the new Director of Enterprise Services. Please join us in congratulating Randy and Soren as they assume their new roles.

If you would like additional information regarding these staffing changes, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

What’s Remediation? Your Network Questions Answered!

What is Network Access Control?

  • Our network access control system scans the computers on Furman’s network to ensure that security patches are up-to-date.

What is remediation?

  • Remediation is the state that any computer that does not pass a scan is put into until it meets Furman’s security requirements. While in remediation, your computer cannot access the Internet.

How do I get out of remediation?

What if that doesn’t work?

  • Contact the IT Service Center and we can get you straightened out! Email, call (864) 294-3277, or just visit us downstairs in the Duke library.

Great, now how do I stay out of remediation?

  • Staying out of remediation is easier than you may think! Update your computer’s antivirus software regularly. This also goes for your computer’s operating system. Setting a reminder on your computer’s calendar to do your updates once a week can be very helpful.

Any other tips?

  • Follow @furman_its on Twitter to stay in the loop about when Bradford scans are happening, and what you can do to keep your computer prepared for the Furman network.

TechQual Survey – Movie Ticket Winners

Thank you for responding to the 2015 TechQual survey! By responding, you help Furman’s planning for services like wireless access, Internet speed, and the future of our campus email service.

Faculty, staff, and students who completed the survey were entered in a drawing to win a pair of movie tickets. Faculty and staff winners were: Jimmy Looper, Mary Fairbairn, Allison Foy, and Liz Seman.

Student winners were: Gracie Franklin, Renee Bailey, Emma Shover, Xiaoyi Liu, Mary McCarty, Shuailin Li, Emily Wilson, Caroline Robertson, Ashlan Jackson, Connor Chatterton, Erin Haseley, Christopher Durham, Trevor Smith, Mirabel Jiang, and Emma Hawkins.

Winners may pick-up their movie tickets at the IT Service Center in the lower level of the library (Photo ID Required).  The 2014 Furman Techqual survey results can be found on the ITS website.

Fastest University Internet Speed in the South?

How fast is Furman’s Internet speed? According to measurements collected by the site TestMy.net Furman University is a leader with Internet download speeds. The average US Internet download speed is 20Mbps (megabits per second.) Furman’s 85Mbps is among the top 50 colleges and universities tested for average Internet download speeds – in the world!


Fall IT Newsletter

IT Newsletter – October 2015

IT Newsletter - October 2015 rev

Phishing Warning

An attempt to use email to trick you into revealing personal information is called phishing. Phishing is one way criminals gather information for identity theft. Despite our campus spam filter catching many such phishing attempts, members of the Furman community continue to report receiving messages asking them to reveal their ID and password. Such messages are NOT from Furman’s Information Technology Services department, and are not legitimate. IT Services staff will never send an email asking for your password, and you should never send a password via email.

If you have a question about whether an email is legitimate, please contact the IT Service Center for assistance.

phone: (864) 294-3277

email: service.center@furman.edu

web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Game Consoles on the Network

Trying to connect your game console (wii, xbox, playstation, etc.) to the campus network? You will need to register your gaming device with the Network Access Control system.


If you have any questions about connecting your game console, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu

Office Professional Plus – Free!

Did you know that Furman students, faculty, and staff can install the latest version of the Office Professional Plus suite as a part of the University’s licensing agreement with Microsoft? It offers the full version of Office, free of charge, for the time the student, faculty, or staff member is at Furman. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the ITS Self Help Wiki for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

If you have any questions about installing Office Professional Plus, please contact the IT Service Center.

phone: (864) 294-3277
email: service.center at furman.edu
web e-request: http://help.furman.edu