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National Weather Data Available in GIS formats

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) produces and distributes weather related data through their National Weather Service website.  One can download a variety of GIS data from this site.  My Favorite is the precipitation data.

All data can be viewed as well as downloaded for use later.

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

Bugaboo fire captured by NASA satellite

In this satellite image taken on 11th May 2007, one can see the Bugaboo fire as well as our first tropical storm Andrea.  Click on the image or the link below to read more and get a more detailed satellite image.

Bugaboo fire in GA/FL

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

Windows Live Writer – simplest blog writer.

I have been using windows live writer for few months and I love it.  Before I discovered this program, I was using the web based WordPress blog editor.  It was terribly slow to respond and you have to be online to work on it.  Since most of us would be working on these blog entries in multiple sitting, it is nice to have an “offline” blog editor.  Windows Live Writer allows one to work on your post off line and then when it is ready, then upload it to the blog site.  Coolest thing is that it takes care of all the formatting to match your blog site.  I love using Windows Live Writer, and I am sure you will too.Here is a brief video some one has put together that describes this program and it’s capabilities.Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

GIS Jobs from around the world by Location

The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse website shows list of available jobs.  The unique thing about this is they appropriately use GIS to show where exactly the job is located.  They use Google Maps API to show the locations of the job. 

Now find where you want to live and then look for a job in that location.  Click on the map to get to the website.

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan 

Google Earth on Simpsons

I came across this on the Internet.  Even The Simpsons know how cool Google Earth is.  This seem like a great way to end the week after such a great Google Earth workshop.  Have a good weekend!

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

Future GPS – will work in your kitchen and bathroom!

I just purchased several GPS units that I thought were top of the line.  They work great indoors but you have to be close to the windows when you are indoors.  This is a great improvement to the previous generation GPS that would not work indoors at all.

Good news is that people are already working on th enext generation GPS that would work anywhere indoor – be it basement or elevator or in the bathroom.  Yes, those hollywood movies where bad guys see exactly which room the hero is located on a high raised building is not going to be animation for too long.  A silicon valley startup company has developed and successfully tested this new technology GPS units. 

Check out details from the ROSUM company website.  They are combining old TV signal technology with the GPS technology to make this work.  It’s awesome.

V-GPS Hybrid Positioning Combines Ranging Information from all TV Towers and all GPS Satellites In-View

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

The Soviet Breakup

Here is a nice virtual map that shows how the former Soviet Union became 15 independent states.  Click on the map below or visit the actual map page

Virtually Explore the Breakup of Soviet Union

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

Darfur and Google Earth

Dr. Diane Boyd pointed me to this resource available through a partnership between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth. It’s an incredibly powerful use of Google Earth for social awareness and action.

Details are available at the USHMM website.

posted by: mwiniski


Create and Share Your Own Maps – Google “My Maps”

Google just released a new way of making and sharing maps – our own maps, yes, complete with objects, links, and routes that you can directly drawn on your map and post.

You can draw lines or shapes to show locations of roads or buildings, and add links or descriptions of different things using placemarks. 

Traveling?  Need to show some thing to your friends or family?  Use Google Maps to custom design the page and add photos and descriptions of places you visit and send the link to your family and friends.

Happy Map Making!

Go to  and click on “My Maps” tab on the left side to get started. 

It’s as easy as clicking mouse button.

Great New Google Earth Feature

Google Earth 4 has added a new time animation feature which allows users to view data changes over time. The time slider in the Avian Flu dataset is shown below.


See the following blog posting for details.