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The Soviet Breakup

Here is a nice virtual map that shows how the former Soviet Union became 15 independent states.  Click on the map below or visit the actual map page

Posted by: Suresh Muthukrishnan

Darfur and Google Earth

Dr. Diane Boyd pointed me to this resource available through a partnership between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth. It’s an incredibly powerful use of Google Earth for social awareness and action.

Details are available at the USHMM website.

posted by: mwiniski

Create and Share Your Own Maps – Google “My Maps”

Google just released a new way of making and sharing maps – our own maps, yes, complete with objects, links, and routes that you can directly drawn on your map and post.

You can draw lines or shapes to show locations of roads or buildings, and add links or descriptions of different things using placemarks.  […]

Great New Google Earth Feature

Google Earth 4 has added a new time animation feature which allows users to view data changes over time. The time slider in the Avian Flu dataset is shown below.

See the following blog posting for details.

It’s finally here! GIS Poster Day

GIS class students will present their term project in the form of posters at the Atrium of the James B. Duke Library.  Students will formally present their posters starting at around 1:30 PM and will be by their posters until 3:30 PM.  Posters will be on display until Friday noon.

Topics for this year includes:


Pop vs. Soda

This site plots the preferred generic name for carbonated soft drinks by region. The county by county breakdown is especially nice. View the map.

Thanksgiving Dinner and GIS

Do you ever wonder about the sources of ingredients for your thankgiving dinner?  Make a list of all the things you use and take a guess which state(s) supply those in maximum amount. 

Here is one example – Turkey. 

For complete list of ingredients and their sources, visit Indiana University GIS Services website. 

Happy […]

GIS Helps Mapping Furman Faculty – Happy GIS Day!

Here is a neat way to visualize commonly available (public) information. Each baloon in this map shows location of a Furman faculty residence. Clicking on the baloon brings up information about the faculty like name, email, and photo if it was available on their website.

What can we do with a map such […]

GIS Luncheon 2006

GIS Day Luncheon for ALL interested staff and faculty.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Speakers: Dr. Lloyd Benson, History and Dr. Ken Peterson, Economics When: Nov 15, 2006 Time: 12 noon Where: Hartness Pavilion Who: ALL interested faculty and staff. All that is required is enough interest to attend the lunch. No expectations of previous […]

Furman Student Alicia Wilson Wins Churchill Prize

Furman student (Alicia Wilson) won the Best GIS project award this year from NITLE (National Institute for Technology & Liberal Education). Read the story.