Farewell Until Fall

Classes have been over for over a week now, the last final exams have been completed, and now, the majority of the dorms have been cleared out. Several people have already packed up and moved out back to their hometowns. Others have begun the move out process today and then there are the handful of [...]

Music and the Brain

Of all the classes I’ve taken so far at Furman, my first year seminar titled “Music and the Brain” has been my absolute favorite. This seminar is taught in the spring by Dr. Kathy Cochran. This is a research and discussion based course which deals with questions regarding music’s effects on emotion, intelligence, culture, social [...]

Do’s And Don’ts During Campus Visits

DO dress appropriately for the visit. Dress sorta nice-ish, but please leave the high heels at home. Nothing is worse than going on a tour of the campus and wearing the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that God has put on the face of the Earth. You’ll be doing a good bit of walking, so [...]

Another Musical Week as Always!

Concert week! What a crazy week to have everything musical coming up at the same time! If you haven’t already heard, there’s a Furman Bands Concert tomorrow, Friday, April 5th at 8 pm in McAlister Auditorium! Be there to hear the wind ensemble and the symphonic band perform. I’ll be in both ensembles so I’ll [...]

Furman’s Beautiful Campus

Everyone has heard of Furman’s beautiful campus. The rose garden, the bell tower, the numerous fountains that are spread all over the campus–everyone has heard of these wonderful features that Furman has to display…but not everyone has seen its beauty. As I’ve said before, I always encourage prospective students to come up and visit the campus. I [...]

To Do List Before Easter Break

1)      Finish up all my work for my BIO-102 class. This includes: study for the massive biology test on Tuesday, write my essay discussing the role of water in cellular and molecular processes, and practice drawing mitosis and meiosis diagrams for the bio test. 2)      Meet up with my group members from my music literature [...]

A Special Visit from The Boston Pops!

The week before Furman let out for spring break, the music department received a special visit from The Boston Pops! Yes, I said it! The Boston Pops! Furman’s Symphony Orchestra performed onstage at the Peace Center in Greenville with this orchestra full of very talented professional musicians. So why did the Boston Pops choose to [...]

Serious Study Time

When exam season begins, there is a noticeable change here at Furman. Students find the quietest study space available to them and bury their heads in a textbook. Furman students strive for excellence in our academic studies and it’s blatantly evident when exams start coming. Some students find time management difficult especially when midterm week [...]

A Taste of Latin America

Within the last week, I’ve had a good taste of the culture of Latin America. Last week to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I went with a couple of friends salsa dancing off campus. A picture is worth a thousand words; my friend took tons of pictures, so I believe sharing pictures of the evening will be [...]

Sigma Alpha Iota (An interview with a member in training)

My roommate, Akari Ogawa, is a member in training for a music fraternity called Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI). I interviewed her and got a scope for what being in SAI is really about. Q: What is SAI? What does the sorority do? A: SAI is a music fraternity for women. We try to spread music [...]