Mockin’ On Top Of The World

“May it please the court…” With those words, the battle begins; a contest of wills, a test of composure, a war of preparation and the ultimate clash of intellect. The energy in the courtroom is palpable and you can almost see the sparks of anticipation flicker through the room. As the plaintiff plunges into their [...]


Sometimes it feels as if all I’m doing is drawing in one gigantic breath with no release.  My lungs swell to bursting as I strain to draw more and more in. I can’t get enough and maybe I bite off more than I can chew. The stress is exhilarating but it takes its toll at [...]

The Blizzard

I didn’t see it coming. I remember exactly where I was when it happened; the Trone Center working the information desk completely oblivious to the impending event. It was a Saturday afternoon and business at the desk was nonexistent as per usual. One moment I was debating starting my paper due the next Tuesday or watching [...]

The Unveiling

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for me at Furman. As much as I was excited to come back for this semester, things picked up pretty fast. My four new classes and all the ‘extra’ stuff I’m involved with this semester live off time and so I’ve been trying my hardest not to [...]


When I meet people the first thing they want to know is where I’m from and it’s always frustrating trying to explain it to people. It should be as easy as to say, “I’m from Rwanda” and that’s it but it isn’t. People don’t understand what that means or worse, they believe they already do; [...]


It’s hard to describe what’s been going on with me lately. Simply put: I’ve been thinking. Sounds hyperbolous (not actually a word) but it’s true. I’ve reflected, contemplated, wondered, I’ve pondered, hoped, mused and imagined. I’ve thought. While I lived a reasonably unfettered life growing up, my life was still always planned out for me. [...]

The First Thanksgiving

In the spirit of my first Thanksgiving ever I made a list of things I’m thankful for here at Furman but not in any order whatsoever: 1.The PAC and facilities in general: I love working out and playing ball so a state-of-the-art gym has been been a godsend! 2. All the couches and nooks and [...]

Junior Achievement

Monday was my last day as a volunteer for the Junior Achievement program and I must say, it was hard to say goodbye. Junior Achievement is a volunteer program that I became a part of through Shucker Leadership Institute; they keep us busy. Basically, we are divided into groups of three and each group is [...]


Late Thursday night the new Twilight movie premiered and as much as I wanted to be out there renouncing my masculinity I decided against it, however that was not the case with the release of the new Bond movie the previous week. I’ve been avidly waiting for the new Bond movie since the closing credits [...]

The FU Workout

If you are like me you and love to workout, the PAC (the Physical Activities Center) will become a big part of your life here at Furman. One of my first memories at Furman is wandering around campus my first night here trying to find somewhere I could play basketball but unfortunately that is a [...]