How can it be that I am already writing my last blog post as a freshman? I guess I can say that I’m officially a sophomore now. As I get older, time seems to go by so much faster. I am so thankful to have three more years to look forward to at Furman. I have already made so many great memories here, and I know I will make so many more in the years to come. While walking around campus, I am constantly reminded of memories from adjusting to Furman. When I park my car in the Soho parking lot I think about my move in day disaster when FUPO had to jump my car because I left the interior lights on and killed the battery. When I walk through the rose garden I think of the first week of classes when I tripped on a brick and skinned my knee. When I walk to the library I think of my first trip to the library when I had to ask an upperclassmen where the library was. I’ve learned so much in just two semesters here at Furman. From philosophy, to biology, to learning about myself…I can only imagine how much I will know by the time I graduate.

I’m back at home in Cary now! Saying goodbye to my friends, my hall, and my dorm room was hard. The good news is I have a great semester to look forward to in August. I will be leading a Pre-Orientation trip, giving tours of Furman as a student ambassador, living on a hall with my sorority sisters, leading the new freshmen in the Shucker Leadership Institute, and taking some interesting classes. Luckily it’s not a goodbye… it’s a “see you later Furman!”

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! I will be working, taking classes here in NC, and counting down the days until I can return to Furman! Please e-mail me if you have any questions… and if you’re going to be a new freshman, don’t hesitate to stop me on campus and say hello! I would love to meet you.


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