1. Buy a Planner

Seriously, if there is one thing I couldn’t live without in college it’s my planner. Get a good planner that you will actually use, and use it! Write down everything. It’s so much easier to get involved, stay involved, and stay on top of things when you can plan your time accordingly. You’ll find that everyone else is just as busy as you are. When finding times to meet with a group to work on a project or meet with a club, it’s so much easier to schedule your time if you have a planner with all of you activities. I kept a planner in high school, but I didn’t use it nearly as much as I do now in college.

2. Meet Upperclassmen

I can’t stress how much you will benefit from getting to know people on campus who are older than you. These people will be your role models, your friends, and people who you can go to for advice. When signing up for classes or getting involved in organizations, it’s so nice to be able to turn to an upperclassmen for advice.

3. Get to know your professors

You’re getting an awesome chance to go to college where the professors are passionate and intelligent. Attending class is important, but it’s just important to meet with your professors outside of class. If you have a question or are struggling with a concept, ask for help! You will benefit from it a lot. Meet with your professors before tests and papers because it will really pay off. The professors want to get to know students too.

4. Know that college is not easy

Maybe it seems like college is carefree and easy going based on my blog posts from this year. Although college brings some great memories and people into your life, it’s definitely not easy. There will be times when you are overly tired but can’t sleep because you have too much to do. There will be times when you realize you made a mistake after it’s too late. There will be times when you panic about what you want to do with the rest of your life. Remember that everyone is in the same boat here. Your peers are going through the same struggles. Especially at a place like Furman, you have a support system to help you get through moments like those! So, don’t shy away from your problems. Accept them and seek out the resources to solve that problem. Get an academic tutor if you need one. Meet with professors to discuss potential majors. Take a nap. Drink a cup of coffee. You’ll be fine.

5. Call your family

I’m not going to lie…it has been difficult (especially second semester) to keep in touch with my parents, my three sisters, and my friends from high school. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly playing phone tag with at least four people at a time. Remember that your family is the reason why you’re here at Furman, and it’s important to share your experience with them. Even if it’s just a short phone call while you’re walking to class, call home just to say hi.

6. Don’t pass up an opportunity to meet someone new

You will constantly have opportunities to meet new people in college. Take them. Now, looking back on the relationships I have made during my first year at college, I don’t even remember how I met some of my closest friends. I think about how different things would be if I hadn’t met them when I did. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can.

7. Learn to create a balance

Remember that academics are always important. However, when you look back on your freshmen year or your college experience, it’s the movie nights with friends, the late night cookout runs, the dinners downtown, the date functions, and the midnight talks with friends that you’re going to remember the most. These are the moments that will make your time at college worthwhile. You’re here to learn, study, and get good grades, but you’re also here to make memories, make friends, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, try new things, and learn to be independent. Creating a balance between social life, academics, and sleep will help you achieve the most out of your freshman year. Don’t wait until the last minute to write that essay, because if your friend texts you at midnight to go for a milkshake run to cookout, you won’t be able to go! Work hard when you can so that you can have fun when you’re not working!

8. Have fun!

Try to stop and appreciate where you are and what you’re doing. If you’re stressed about a test you’re studying for, realize how lucky you are to have the chance to attend college and learn. Appreciate the people you are surrounded by. Make a lot of great memories. If I could, I would relive my freshman year. So, make sure that you cherish each moment before it’s gone. College is only a short portion of your life. As soon as you know, four years will be over… so make it worth it!

On another note… LDOC was last week (last day of classes). So, my freshman year classes are over. Four exams stand between me and summer break. To be completely honest, I’m really not ready to leave. LDOC was an exciting day. FUSAB (Furman University Student Activity Board) sponsored a party in the Trone Center with food trucks, music, free t-shirts, and yearbooks! On LDOC my Freshman seminar class went to dinner downtown with our professor to celebrate the end of the semester. How many college students can say they get to go out to dinner with their professors? The seniors also partook in a special Furman tradition… fountain hopping! On spring LDOC all of the seniors go swimming in the fountains to celebrate the end of their classes as an undergraduate student. Campus was roaring with excitement! I spent this weekend studying and spending some time with my friends before we all leave for the summer.

Hanging out at Falls Park in downtown Greenville!

I went to dinner with some of the friends I met on the Pre-orientation program!

Greenville in the spring is SO BEAUTIFUL.

The trees behind Swan Lake

The view of Furman from the top of Paris Mountain

If you’re a rising freshman who just committed to Furman, Congratulations! Look forward to your freshman year because it is going to be great! E-mail me with any questions about Furman. I would love to help! Kjersti.kleine@furman.edu



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