Sometimes I feel like a giant, swinging pendulum.

On the one hand, I’m studying abroad in the British Isles. On the other hand, I am leaving behind friends, loved ones, family, and now sisters.

On the one hand, chapter tonight was amazing (it was our first as initiated SAI sisters). On the other hand, I still have so much work I need to do.

On the one hand, I love Furman. On the other hand, all I want is to be home, sitting on my couch, eating junk food and watching romantic comedies.

I am a pendulum, swinging back and forth between all the good that is Furman in the springtime, and all the stress, sadness, and anxiety that comes with the end of any school year and final examination time. I’m trying to keep in mind what I want from my college experience. Sometimes I feel like I lose it. But I know that I do a lot, and as long as those things make me happy, I can’t really complain.

As usual, life has been abounding with pleasant, stressful, busy things. Drum majors (marching band conductors) had their auditions, and I’m certainly pulling for my favorite, but we’ll find out at the band banquet who gets it, so that’s an exciting music nerd moment for me. Also, initiation into the sisterhood. Lots of exciting secret things involved in that, but I’m finally officially a sister and I couldn’t be happier. The theatre department is having a picnic on Wednesday and tomorrow is my last official day of classes, so spring is in the air for me (if only that didn’t mean I need to hit the books for finals). The Duke Arts Initiative brought a stage combat expert in to teach the theatre majors how to fake fight- that was great Everything quite simply feels like it is wrapping up and coming to a close. And I’m not quite sure I am ready for that yet….

My best advice for the end of the year is to make the most of it. There’s a cliché college statement: sleep, social life, study- pick two. And it’s true. So pick two. Maybe like me you’ll be spending some nights up until one or later, but in the end it all pans out to be worth while. Learning is about books and academia, but it’s also about organizations that make you feel like a part of something, and the people who make studying easier. So even though I’m a pendulum, I’m doing my best to make the most of what I have in front of me right now. And that’s really the best I can ask for.

Until the next!


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