Do you ever stop and think, “Wow, I am surrounded by beauty”? I had an incredible amount of those thoughts race through my head this week as I enjoyed the beauty of springtime in South Carolina.

The past couple of weeks, I have been undergoing strict medicinal treatments for ailments that I contracted during a visit to a local Middle School, or as I call them, Petri Dishes. This treatment consisted primarily of Frozen Go-Gurts, Ibuprofen and Tissues. But in all seriousness, I had a fantastic past couple of weeks volunteering at Lakeside Middle School. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to take ten kids into a separate room and teach them long-division. It was my first time ever having a classroom to myself and a set of students. It was a beautiful experience.

An even better experience came the next week when I returned to that class and found that those same children were using the new strategy that I had made for them. Nothing filled me with more joy than seeing them be able to apply their math skills knowing I had helped.

Later that day, I returned to a beautiful campus. It was officially spring! How did I know? The Paladog had a long line stretching the street by the library. The Residential Life Council was putting on a fresh fruit stand and trail mix buffet, offering delicious foods to the passing by students. Pi Kappa Phi had a “Pie a Pi Kapp” event to raise money for a charity by allowing people to shove cream pies in the faces of the brothers, which ultimately culminated in a large whipped cream fight. It was fun… even though I still had whipped cream in my ear after showering.

To go along with all of that, there was not a cloud in the sky. People had brought out their spring time colors and from a birds eye view, it probably looked like all kinds of skittles were walking about our campus. Is that a bad analogy? It was colorful to say the least.

I later found myself sitting in Patrick Lecture Hall taking an Organic Chemistry test. Even thought that was a very dark period in my life, I still enjoyed the beautiful sunshine illuminating the lecture hall. When I finished my exam, I quickly went to a meeting. After the meeting, I found myself outside by the Sand Volleyball courts.

Chi Omega sorority was having another philanthropy event to sponsor their child, Luke, and the Make a Wish Foundation. Music, food, friends and volleyball were the perfect ingredients for a perfect day. I am not necessarily the most skilled volleyball athlete, and unfortunately my team was eliminated before I was able to arrive at the event, but it was a blast watching dozens of my friends showcase their talents. Spike after spike, sand went flying. Even with such a competitive atmosphere, there was a divine sense of community and family.

With the beginning of April, I find myself saddened by the thought of this school year coming to a close. It is amazing to find myself as a real component of the Furman commun… no… Family. The Furman Family has had an incredible impact on me and the way that I enjoy life.

Right now, I am sitting outside on the porch of the DH, drinking some fabulous Einstein’s coffee with one of the best people I know. I might as well give him a shoutout because it’s his brithday today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHODES!

He just raised an excellent point. There really is nothing better than a spring morning in upstate south carolina. The sun makes my body warm; the slight breeze cools it. The birds are chirping… I mean really, could I be more cliche right now? But maybe the cliches are the best? Maybe we have cliches because, although hackneyed, they are beautiful.

I’m just happy right now. If I had to sum up what it is like to be at Furman in one word, I would say: Happy. Short, sweet and to the point.

I hope y’all are making fantastic college decisions! I cannot wait to meet and get to know the rising class of 2018! It sounds like you are going to be a fun class…. not as cool as the class of 2017 though, but maybe I am just biased.

Class distinctions or not, Welcome to the Family! We are so glad to have you!


Sam McCoy


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