Did you miss me? I am certain you must have! Here is the rest of what I have been up to…

A Little R&R

Last Friday the sisters of the Sigma Alpha Iota Theta Lambda chapter whisked away the MIT class to enjoy a night free from the commitments of Furman. They took us to Handi, an amazing Indian restaurant downtown, and we noshed on Naan and tried traditional dishes we had never experienced before. With an old friend to my right and my beautiful roommate to my left, I realized just how much SAI has brought me closer to the young women I am embarking on this journey with. There is something powerful about breaking bread in good company. After dinner we went next door to Marble Slab for a splurge purchase of ice cream (because SAI calories don’t count……..) Then we arrived at the church that was housing us for the night. We sat and colored Disney princess coloring pages, ate chocolate, cracked jokes, played Cards Against Humanity, and stayed up late talking and planning our recital. I couldn’t ask for a better group of future sister or a better group of friends.

From Peace to Party

After a four hour nap upon our return to Furman (I had a bit of a cold), I put on the floor length royal blue gown I had picked out with my mother, did my makeup, and placed the pearls that were a very special birthday gift, also from my mother, around my neck. My roommate had done my hair in a beautiful curly up do. I wanted, for one night, this the night of the SAI PMA formal, to look like everything that SAI is to me- all the elegance, and grace, and beauty embodied by every single one of the girls. Dancing the night away with the people I care about most was exactly what I needed in the middle of two terribly busy weeks.

The Human Guinea Pig

On an entirely unrelated note, when I am not running around backstage or with my future sisters, you can find me in the psychology labs. As a student in the basic psychology course, I am required to donate four hours of my time to different experiments (most are half an hour each) throughout the semester. I actually really enjoy this because it’s nice to give your time to the older students who are conducting the studies, and it’s a glimpse into all the research opportunities Furman offers Psych and Neuro majors, of which I am one.

David Maslanka and the Parting of the Seas

I have a friendly word of advice to bestow upon you: be good to your professors. When you are, the following is significantly less daunting: imagine having a 2:30-4:30 chemistry exam, a 3:30-5:30 band rehearsal with David Maslanka of all people and a 5:00-6:30 class on Turkish history, followed swiftly by a 7:00-10:30 run of a theatre show. Welcome to my Thursday. So what did I do? I talked to my professors, explained the situation, and moved everything I needed to in order to successfully complete all four things. The professors here will bend over backwards to make things work for you, but only if you treat them and their class with respect.

Speaking of David Maslanka….

Okay, for those who don’t know David Maslanka, go look up his Symphony No. 4, it will change your life. It is one of the most emotional pieces of music I have ever heard performed live, and it was a nearly religious experience for me. This Friday, I was not backstage at Invalid. My absence had been noted and planned since auditions in January. So where was I? I was performing the work of David Maslanka (Traveler in the case of the Symphonic Band), Bernstein, and Persichetti among others on stage at McAlister Auditorium with Furman’s Symphonic Band. Performing with this group and seeing the Wind Ensemble perform the symphony was absolutely the greatest moment of my Furman career so far.

When The Silence Finally Settles

After what my darling Big, Hannah, and I called “the week from hell,” she and I had a coloring party with Disney tunes and Ever After as a way of relaxing. Sometimes, you will find that after all the busyness of life that you are doing nothing, but the nothing is pleasant simply because of the company. And it is in this incredible company that we find color in this black and white world.

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