Life is a funny thing. For Furman students in the springtime, I cannot emphasize this enough, it hits like a 2000 lb bullet train. Everything that was ever important to anyone ever happens in the spring. True story. If you’re a music student or a theatre student, or, God help you, both (guilty as charged), you accumulate CLPs without realizing you are even doing it, and one event after another rushes by you without so much as a second glance. Sufficient to say, you find yourself cursing whatever cruel entity decided that a visiting composer, the spring theatre show, and a bunch of other commitments should all happen nearly simultaneously. But bear with me as I go through what has actually been an incredible two weeks with you step by step, because it really is worth understanding how crazy wonderful Furman in the spring can be.

Props to You

I am a Props girl this go around at the theatre playhouse, and when I received that edict handed down to me from this show’s director, I really didn’t have much of an idea what that would entail. Last week, however, when dress rehearsals and full run through attempts began in earnest, I began to get a pretty solid idea. Props people are accountable for every easily movable item that graces the stage. If it’s inanimate and it’s not nailed down to the set, we had to find it, make it, fashion it to fit the design of the play, and we are responsible for making sure that it gets where it needs to be in a timely manner. It is far more extensive than I first imagined, especially in a period piece. Everything needs to be authentic and make sense. I adore my job, even when it means sitting backstage for three and a half hours waiting to deliver a silver tray with sandwiches I make at the end of the first act and a 20 lb wine bottle that is part of an extensive bit in the second act. Yeah, it’s a lot of tedium. It’s a lot of snapchat and facebook and homework done in the dusty corners of the theatre space. And it’s a lot of dressing in black. But it’s worth it because props is actually an extremely integral part of the theatre world. And Imaginary Invalid is wonderful. So come and see it!

Sing We Now (To Sigma Alpha Iota)

The singers on campus have been busy, too. In an effort to support future sisters and current friends, I found a break somehow somewhere to attend the Furman Singers concert and the Chorale concert. It’s amazing the amount of talent that the vocalists at Furman possess. Speaking of which, Brigadoon is coming soon, and I can’t wait to see what the music department does with such a huge production. Thankfully, theatre and band will have wrapped up by that point, and I will actually have the time to go and see it. Speaking of future sisters and singing, I have to learn a chorale and a benediction for SAI, and there is definitely a reason I am NOT a vocal major. Somebody help me hit that F please!!

The MIT Regalia

I am constantly seen wearing my pin. Chances are if I am without it, I have been working backstage and don’t want to lose it, or I am in my pajamas. Unlike other sororities, SAI expects that its members will wear the pin as often as possible. So I can be constantly identified by my little set of panpipes. I can also be identified as the girl rushing frantically into the Music Library at 9:30 pm every Tuesday for MIT class. We have to take a National Exam on the 12th (goodness that’s in six days I need to study) and so SAI does everything in its power to make sure we know what we are doing. This means quizzing and drilling us (affectionately) for an hour and a half every Tuesday. I try to look at the exam as a potential for a bonding experience. Through it I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow MITs and my Big and I use the test as an excuse to “study” at Einstein’s ever Tuesday morning before my class that night. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! The MITs are also planning a RECITAL!! This is essentially an event of folly- jokes, puns, spoofs, and farces, but also some sweetness mixed in. It’s required to show off our “musical abilities” but in reality it is an extremely special and indescribable night of bonding that goes beyond what I can describe, and I cannot wait for it to occur. We also have to organize a philanthropy for a local charity. Right now we’re throwing around the idea od a carnival so stay tuned……..

Also stay tuned because I am writing this post in two pieces because I have so much to say! So until the very near next!!



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