Saturday was my nineteenth birthday. This was my first birthday away from home. To be honest, I was worried about spending my first birthday in college. In the past, I have been surrounded by my family on my birthday. I was worried what it would feel like to not be able to hug my parents or have dinner with my family.

Little did I know that birthdays in college are awesome. I spent my birthday at the 82nd annual Carolina Cup in Camden, South Carolina. Every year, thousands of people gather at the Carolina Cup, a horse race in central South Carolina. Colleges from all across the south bring busloads of people to the race. I experienced the array of pastel dresses, sunhats, and bowties with a small group of friends from Furman and a surprise visitor from home. I got to visit friends from other school as well as several of my friends from Furman. Many of my friends went out of their way to plan lunch and a birthday cake to make my day special.

Along with the theme of birthday, Furman hosted our annual relay for life on Friday night. Despite the rain, everyone was in good spirits. We spent the night walking, talking, dancing, eating, and raising money for a good cause. Several different organizations on campus participated in Relay for life. We could sign up with teams to help support our campus organizations as well as the American Cancer Society. We had a great time celebrating more birthdays as we walked for a cause!

Being away from home on my birthday was an eye opener for me. After worrying about spending my birthday away from my family, I realized that I have a whole new family at Furman. I was overwhelmed by the love my new friends showed me on my birthday. From a surprise visit from a high school friend, to getting cupcakes smashed in my face, to getting flowers sent from home, my day was pretty unforgettable. Although my own birthday comes only once a year, celebrating my friends’ birthdays is just as fun. Living at school with your friends gives you several opportunities for birthday celebrations. I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthday over the next few years at Furman.

Cupcake to the face

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