This past Friday, Furman held its annual Relay for Life event which benefited the American Cancer Society.  Despite the rain, we still had a great time celebrating survivors and remembering those loved ones we have lost to cancer.  The event started at 6PM on the Furman Mall.  Various clubs and organizations had tents along the mall and were selling chicken fingers, cookies, etc. to raise money.  The Planning Committee did a great job of organizing fun activities – Zumba dances, line dances (Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle anyone?), and a concert,  or you could just walk around the track that was lined with luminaries.

Some of my sisters at the ADPi Bake Sale

Around 9:30, the fun, party atmosphere gave way to a serious tone as we took a moment of silence to remember those we have lost.  Some students whose parents are battling cancer spoke to the crowd, and then we all took a lap around the track to honor those with cancer.  At the end of the somber lap, the word “Hope” was glowing in luminaries on the Chapel steps.  Despite all the hardships and heartbreaks caused by cancer, we still have hope that there will be a day when all cancers are cured.

There also is a competitive side to Relay for Life- which organization raised the most money??  ADPi takes this challenge very seriously because one of our sisters was the first Student Director to bring Relay for Life to Furman many years ago.  Since the beginning of Furman’s Relay for Life, ADPi has raised more money for the event than all the other organizations every single year.  Months ago, ADPi set $22,000 as our Relay for Life goal for 2014.  Our Philanthropy Chair, Katherine, worked tirelessly to lead us to this goal.  Most of our financial support came from family and friends who believed in the mission of the American Cancer Society.  ADPi also partnered with Pi Kappa Phi, a fraternity on campus, to host a car wash to benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  At the end of Relay for Life, the sisters of ADPi were thrilled to learn that we  raised $30,190.24, beating our goal by $8,000 and raising the most money!

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