I never really understood the value of a handwritten letter until I got to college. Receiving that lovely e-mail from P2X, our postal service here on campus, can turn any bad day into something wonderful. This year, we have a new system for the post office on campus. The post office is located in the downstairs of the Trone Student center right between the Paladen Food court and the student book store. The post office, known as P2X, has friendly staff members who greet you with a smiling face and a package or letter with your name written on it. My favorite thing about the post office is that you receive an e-mail notification every time you receive a letter or a package. The e-mail notification will explain the size of the package and who the package is from. The friendly e-mail notification spares students the disappointment of going to unlock your individual box and finding a sad, empty mailbox. Rather than being upset on the days that I don’t get mail, I simply get overly excited when my inbox rings with a new message from the lovely P2X. I also live in South Housing, which is conveniently located right next to the post office!

My beautiful Valentine’s Day Cards

Aside from receiving packages and letters, you can also mail them. Stamps and boxes are available for purchase, and you can pay for your package to be shipped right here on campus! Furman students have no excuse to not mail their friends and family from home some handwritten notes.

Whether it’s a handwritten note from your best friend back home, an alumni message from your high school, a friendly card from your Mom, your purchases from online shopping, or a surprise Starbucks gift card from a loved one, receiving mail in college can really brighten your day. Last week, I received the best package yet – a box of Sees chocolate candies from my Dad!

Please e-mail me with questions about student life or anything else about Furman! I would love to answer any questions you may have. Kjersti.Kleine@furman.edu


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