I know that I have already confessed my love for Greenville, but I just want to reiterate that it really is the perfect place for a college. Greenville and Furman have plenty of my favorite things, which is perhaps why I like it so much. Here are a few of my favorite things…

1. Coffee

Greenville has some wonderful coffee shops. One of my favorite places in downtown Greenville is Coffee Underground. It’s located in the center of downtown in the basement of a building. To get there, you walk down a brick staircase to the shop. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, coffee, and wonderful desserts. They are also open late so it’s a great place to get a delicious late night snack with a friend. It has a very warm and artistic atmosphere which makes for a fun outing! Aside from Coffee Underground, Furman students love to go to Leopard Forest Café in Traveler’s Rest, Starbucks (we even have one on campus), Spill the Beans, or Port City Java downtown. Greenville is not lacking in great coffee shops!

2. Friends

Who doesn’t love friends? Well, I have been so lucky to meet some pretty amazing people during my Furman experience so far. Joining a sorority also gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people and make so many new friends. It’s so nice to be surrounded by people that know me and support me. This week I was pretty stressed out about a big biology test I had coming up. I was thankful to have friends who helped me study or who provided a nice break from studying. On the morning of my test, I got text messages from 5 different people wishing me good luck. It felt so great to know that so many people were thinking of me. That’s what Furman is all about, making meaningful relationships with your peers who will support you, laugh with you, and always be there for you.

3. Family

Being away from home does get difficult sometimes. It’s hard to be away from my two little sisters while they are experiencing middle school and high school. It’s hard to be so far away from my older sister. It’s hard to be away from my parents too. However, the time that I do have with my family is so meaningful now that I live a state away. This weekend my Dad came to Greenville to spend the weekend with me. On Saturday, we went to the Cataloochee ski Area to ski for the day. We decided to try snowboarding for the first time too. The Ski area is only about an hour and a half away from campus in Maggie Valley, NC. We had fresh snow from the big snow storm last week which was great for skiing! We also stopped in Asheville for dinner on the way from back Greenville. It’s great to be so close to so many cool places.

My Dad and me on the slopes!

4. Breakfast

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I eat breakfast in the dining hall every single morning. There are a lot of students who choose not to come to breakfast so that they can sleep in, but that’s not the case for me. Aside from the DH, there are some great breakfast restaurants in Greenville to enjoy on the weekends. On Sunday, I went to Tommy’s Ham House with my Dad. A lot of local organizations support Furman because we have such a great relationship with the community. Tommy’s Ham House is just down Poinsett Highway, and all Furman students get a big discount! The walls are also decorated with signed Furman jerseys, flags, and other Furman paraphernalia.

5. The Outdoors

Not only is Furman located directly next to Paris Mountain, we are also very close to Asheville, NC. There are plenty of great hiking places in close proximity to Furman’s campus. There is also the Swamp Rabbit trail that is perfect for running, biking, or going on long walks with friends. The Swamp Rabbit trail is connected to Furman’s campus and will take you 3 miles up into downtown Traveler’s Rest, or 6 miles into downtown Greenville. On Sunday, my Dad and I went on a nice run on the Swamp Rabbit trail by downtown Greenville.

Snowy mountains near Asheville, NC

Ski slopes in Maggie Valley, NC

The Swamp Rabbit Trail near downtown Greenville

What are some of your favorite things? You may find that Greenville has a few of your favorite things as well.

Please e-mail me with any questions about Furman or about the Greenville Area! Kjersti.Kleine@furman.edu



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