I am sitting in a study hall room, sweatpants on. Nothing is more relaxing then the feeling of being relaxed. We have had snowdays for the past two days and we have a late start tomorrow. I mean, I love college and college classes and all that, but nothing beats waking up late, playing in the snow, and hanging out with friends all day.

I think we talked about this a little while ago with the last snow day, but this is evidently crazy weather. Last time there was snowfall, we had traffic jams and such, but this time, people were prepared. In fact, they were so prepared for the snow storm that almost every single store was emptied of its stock of bread, milk and water bottles. Furman students prepared in other ways. When we learned of the possibility of a snow storm, we gathered sleds, made cups of coffee and hot chocolate, warmed our fuzziest socks and waited for it to commence. Before we knew it, flakes were falling. It was a beautiful sight as the campus accumulated a light dusting of snow.

Our biggest fears began: the snow began to melt. It wasn’t sticking to the ground. Were we actually going to get the snowfall we had been promised? Fear rang through the hearts of so many students that day.

Luckily, later that day we received word that campus would be closed on wednesday. We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing we wouldn’t have to finish those essays we had been putting off. No worries, to compensate for lost time, I was assigned extra spanish homework, so it balances out. Next, I proceeded to hangout with some friends before heading over to the apartments to pick up some friends to go to waffle house with.

Clare, Kenzie, Nathan, Carrie, Daniel and I loaded up and headed to the waffle house in Cherrydale, a small area about three minutes from Furman’s campus. We ran into some friends while we waited for a table. Once we were seated, the bonding began. You see, Carrie had just met Clare, Kenzie and Nathan. After a while, friendship was the only way out. One beautiful thing about Furman is that the passions we each share transcend each individual boundary so that we can come to learn and love each other deeply. As we celebrated Carrie’s recent triumph of signing to a job in New York later this year, ¬†we laughed and joked and ate. If you’ve never had an All-Star special from waffle house, go get a gym membership then order an All-star.

After waffle house, we took Carrie back to her apartment in North Village. As we were pulling in, Brave by Sara Bareilles came on. The obvious solution to this is to get out of the car, open the car doors, blast the music and dance in the middle of the parking lot at 2 am. While there may have been people trying to sleep, we were too caught up in enjoying ourselves. It was glorious.

The next day, I slept in a little extra; it was the first snow day. After heading to the DH for some lovely breakfast, I went with some friends over to lakeside to see my friends new room. Soon after, I received a text to take some people to run an errand. Alright, driving on snow and ice is not safe, I get that, but I’ve had a lot of experience doing so, so I went ahead and took my friends to cookout. Since it was pretty vacant, even though it was about the only place open, we ate in peace. We all agreed it was the most lowkey the place had ever been. Even better news! Hushpuppies are 12 for a dollar. The four of us talked about school and stress and how we were going to have to work together to get through it all together. It was beautiful.

The next morning, I woke up early to buy some pancake mix. As I headed to publix, I dreaded the possibility that there would be no pancake mix. Thankfully, people overlook it when preparing for snow storms. I bought six boxes (which is a lot of mix. I may have over shot how much I really needed) and headed back to school. I began our second snow day by helping to prepare pancaked for almost 35 guys this morning with the help of my buddy, Matt. May I just say we make some bomb pancakes? It was nice to begin our day joking and laughing. Nothing beats breakfast, except for breakfast with amazing people.

What is odd is that every single story has a recurring theme, and no its not the amount of food that I probably shouldn’t have consumed. It is the amazing relationships I have been able to develop with people so different from me. From theatre arts and sociology majors, to business major and pre-med scientists, I find myself surrounded by fantastic people who are different, but all amazing. I feel so blessed to have been able to build these relationships. Its amazing what fatty food and snow can do to bring people together.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Sam McCoy



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