Upon finding out that Furman ADPi’s first function was 80s prom, I began shopping in my mom’s closet.  I knew she would have some old bridesmaid dresses perfect for the occasion!

My friends and I playing dress up in some great 80s bridesmaid dresses from my mom

My date, Matt, and I began our 80s prom with some other freshmen ADPis and their dates with pizza in SoHo (South Housing).

Matt and me

Some of the SoHo ADPis

After pizza, we went to North Village to meet the other ADPis before we headed to 80s Prom.  80s Prom was held at Zen, an event space in downtown Greenville.  I had a great time dancing the night away!  The DJ played a mix of current music and 80s music.

ADPis and their Pi Kappa Phi dates


Overall, it was a great night in 19ADPi!


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